Ab Cuts Enhanced CLA Belly Fat Formula 3,200 mg., 240 Softgels

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  • CLA 3,200 mg. Per Serving
  • Stimulant Free

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5 reviews for Ab Cuts Enhanced CLA Belly Fat Formula 3,200 mg., 240 Softgels

  1. G. Walters

    Abcuts CLA has done wonders in my life, firstly i was so sceptical about previous reviews, but to my surprise this supplements work perfectly good, the first two weeks of using i noticed i was passing alot of gas, this medication help to get ride of my inflamed distended tummy, no more gas, i felt very light, my tummy has gone done a bit, it has helped my high BP to go down, i don’t experience pounding heart beats no more, and also to my surprise it gave me a glowing bright skin, youthful looks, I’m loving this capsules, but please make sure you’re taking the 4 capsules recommend daily to see the effects. Happy customer

  2. L. Ray

    The fat around my belly was flatten out after only taking this for 2 weeks without diet nor exercise. I weigh 130 lb. It has been hard for me to get rid of my belly fat. This works amazingly. It seems to depress my appetite. If I ate fatty food, I would have diarrhea, but who cares! I feel energized and wonderful! I went to and bought more. Highly recommend!

  3. J. Terrell

    I am a biologist. I did quite a bit of literature search and analysis on CLA. While there is no consistent scientific clinical data that CLA would promote fat reduction, theoretically it is plausible it does. That also means that CLA might work for some, but would not work for others. There are simply too many other factors that are at play to guarantee it woukd cause one to become leaner. What is good about this formulation is that it has higher concentration of CLA than other similar prodycts. Also it has less orher ingredients in it (like vitamine E, etc.) that are frequently added to CLA formulations for no apparent reason.

  4. F. Andrade

    I have to say, I was skeptical about these…you can’t really spot tone an area. But I figured there wasn’t much to lose because it also replaced the Fish Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin D I was already separately taking… so, win-win. After a month my stomach’s a lot flatter than it was for sure. BUT…I’ve been dieting and exercising a lot too. There’s no such thing as a magic pill, but I haven’t been able to get this tummy pooch down in years and it does look way better. No side effects to speak of, and I would be the one to get them, so these are safe.

  5. R. Vasquez

    It’s been a month since I started taking this supplement and I feel lighter. I don’t feel bloated or heavy in my midsection anymore. Although I don’t look like I lost weight, I feel lighter. I have been working out 3 to 4 times a week and watching what I eat. (Less carbs and less sugar intake). This product doesn’t have stimulants so it’s good. It works slowly but just be patient and you will feel the result. Not really see it at first but feel. I did burp like fish oil inside of me but it doesnt matter. Just drink more water to flush it down. :)I will definitely make this as my long term supplement.

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Ab Cuts Enhanced CLA Belly Fat Formula 3,200 mg., 240 Softgels