Cadet Bully Stick Variety 9″-12″ 2-pack

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  • Made from 100% Beef
  • No Fillers
  • Grain Free
  • Gluten Free
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Treat your dog to premium Cadet Bully Sticks! Each Cadet Bull Stick is made from 100% natural beef that’s slow-roasted to bring out the flavor dogs love. Sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle, these protein-rich, single-ingredient dog chews are contain no artificial colors, fillers, or flavors. Perfect for occupying your best friend, these natural dog chews provide long-lasting enjoyment and are highly digestible. Each low-fat and highly digestible bully stick is grain and gluten free, providing a wholesome and delicious chewing adventure.


    • Two Pack of 1.32 lbs of natural bully sticks measure 9-12 inches
    • Single Ingredient – Made from 100% real beef pizzle sourced from the finest-quality cattle
    • High in Protein – Bully dog treats are high in protein and low in fat for a wholesome reward
    • Highly Digestible Long Lasting Chews- Occupies dogs with a chewing experience that lasts
    • Packaged and Inspected in USA-  All Cadet chews and treats undergo quality inspection to guarantee they meet our high standards
    • This treat is intended as a reward, not a meal replacement, for adult dogs over 5 lbs.


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Weight 1.47 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 × 0.88 × 1.85 in

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Cadet Bully Stick Variety 9″-12″ 2-pack

  1. D. Glover

    We have purchased 100s of bag of these for our pups in the past. We have a 135 LB and 85 LB Labs that love these.. Sadly they haven’t been in our local warehouse for months. While im glad to see them online and plus the quality of the stick I feel have gone down (size /weight).… I don’t agree they should be charge more too. PLEASE START CARRYING THESE IS THE LOCAL WAREHOUSE!! Sincerely , very spoiled dog

  2. Z. Reeves

    You’d think that with a 20 lb. dog I wouldn’t be interested in these but you’d sure be wrong. it’s just a shame that the price has gone up so much while the sizing has gone down. Unfortunately the price seems to have gone up everywhere though. And…. These REALLY stink! (My Coton thinks they are the bomb) I mean back up when you open the bag stink! Thus the 4 star rating.I used to get 6″ bully sticks but the pricing at is really cost effective with the 12″. My plan was to cut them in half. On a lark, I gave a whole one to Bugsy and the size didn’t faze him at all, in fact, he loved it. So I’d say that they’re great of all size dogs.

  3. J. Lambert

    Bully sticks are expensive, but they are great. My dog is an “extreme” chewer with a powerful bite … she can chew through anything, including interior drywall!! Rawhide of any type is not good for a strong chewer because it can break up and cause choking; plus, it has no nutritional value whatsoever. Bully sticks are a single-ingredient natural product that is simply dried and not processed any further. They are very high in protein and will not shatter. My dog will spend hours on her bully stick and I don’t have to worry about choking. I buy these large packs from as it is the best bang for your buck.

  4. M. Ortega

    Ugh, just called our to ask if they had these back in stock, was told they have been deleted from the system and will not come back until ???? (a few months). Can’t believe it – how many times have I gone to and they have sold out! WHY would you pull this item from your stores? They are so expensive anyway, but you still have the best price on them (even after they just went up in price again recently). Please do not be foolish and pull these – I”m sure you make enough money on them as they often sell out in our local store. So sad, as my dog loves these, it’s her favorite daily treat and the only one she gets excited for. PLEASE RESTOCK!

  5. K. Ali

    Thanks for keeping these in stock. (I’d rather find them in the warehouse, but I’ll take what I can get.) These are so much healthier than the ones you’re carrying now in the warehouse, they have rawhide in the middle. Best to stick with what’s good, even if more expensive!

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Cadet Bully Stick Variety 9″-12″ 2-pack