Cadet Rawhide Retriever Rolls, 6 lbs, 2-pack

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  • 100% Natural Beef hide
  • Help Prevent Tarter Buildup
  • Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums
  • Product of Brazil or Paraguay

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Cadet Rawhide Retriever Rolls, 6 lbs, 2-pack

  1. M. Hall

    Was so disappointed when you stopped selling these in the store! But what I got on-line does not seem to be the same as in the past. They are more loosely wrapped, and most come unrolled pretty easily. The big dogs can chew off hunks and possibly choke, so I have to watch them so carefully rather than use them as a way to occupy and entertain while I am doing other things.

  2. S. Roy

    I rescue dogs and these rawhides save my furniture and my home. My dogs love them and the only downfall is that does not carry them in the warehouse all year around, and when they do, they are $20 a bag, but when I’m forced to buy them online, they are $35 a bag. Price gouging? For sure … I’ve begged my store manager to carry them all year long and all he will do is tell me to keep writing complaints in the box on the way out the door. I don’t think this acceptable.

  3. D. Chung

    These Rawhide chews are great for my 100 lb German Shepherd. She loves to chew them after meals to clean her teeth. She can chew one of these for about 3 days instead of the 20 minutes she gets from all the other rawhide products we have tried. They come apart in small moist piece’s but, I still watch her close. I take them away when they get chewed down to about 3 inches so she doesn’t choke. Wish they were still in store.

  4. F. Osborne

    Last a long time, great value!Please carry in stores too!

  5. W. Chapman

    Our dogs are extremely fond of these chews which we supervise and ration bc they are heavy chewers and these don’t last long. But we love that their teeth are so clean, always a comment at their Vet exams. They get gooey when chewed a long time and need supervision to avoid choke if your dog is good at tearing them apart or is a gulping chewer of the pieces. We are watchful, recommend the same for you, but if you are watchful, I don’t think there is great concern.

  6. A. Bentley

    Not sure what happened to these. I found these in store two years ago and my dog loved them. These arrived and seem much larger….as in the original purchase in store were more compact and felt like a rawhide, but these had more of a “foamy” type texture and look to them. Dog rejected them – doesn’t offer returns, which I understand since the bag has been opened, but I cannot recommend these. Would recommend buying in store only so you can see the rawhide bones for yourself before taking them home. If I saw these rawhides I had shipped to me in-store, zero chance I would have purchased them.Perhaps some dogs won’t be as picky as mine.

  7. D. Booker

    I bought these 2 months ago, but 1 bag 7.5 pounds at $4.25/pound. The new price on 2 6 pound bags is $5/pound. That’s a big price increase, but still a decent deal versus other alternatives. My 8 month old puppy 65 pound lab mix can knock one out in a couple of hours. Wish they were half as long. They aren’t easy to cut in half. Overall, high quality product at a decent price.

  8. L. Ramos

    My dog goes insane if we do not have these on hand. Wish would sell these in the store again.

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