Citracal Maximum Plus Calcium Citrate + D3, 280 Caplets

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  • Calcium Citrate 650 mg. and Vitamin D 25 mcg
  • Contains Zinc, Copper and Manganese

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Citracal Maximum Plus Calcium Citrate + D3, 280 Caplets

  1. N. Norris

    I have been using Citracal for over 13 years.I only buy it from .I have a very bad case of Osteoperosis and i take 4 tablets daily and i feel a fifference uding Citracal.

  2. K. Oneill

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia and my doctor prescribed Citracal. 2 years later bone density scan showed no bone loss. Yay!

  3. A. Melendez

    I am a physician. I have been taking two of these twice a day for about twenty years. I have osteopenia. My mother had osteoporosis. The supplement is expensive but does not need to be taken with food. It also does not cause constipation like calcium carbonate preparations.

  4. P. Dudley

    Been using for 10 years and these are the BEST vitamin D and calcium pills on the market!!! Cancer survivor and early stage osteoporosis at 43 and today I am 52…my dexa scans (bone density) have been improving and stabilizing WITH A COMBINATION of weight training, high activity (45-75 min heavy workouts 4-5x/week), tons of green cruciferous veggies/smoothies, no red meat, low carb life style, additional supplements of omega-3’s/cherry tart/vitamin c, daily collagen peptides in my latte and a gallon of water/day diet. These supplements are just a sliver of my lifestyle and I buy several bottles at a time from as they’re less expensive than other big online stores!

  5. M. Suarez

    Citrical is Calcium Citrate as opposed to Calcium Ascorbate..Apparently several categories of health providers believe the Citrate form is more effective in the body. That’s why I prefer to take my calcium in the Citrate, or Citrical Form

  6. S. Curry

    I have used several different Calcium Supplements over the years–not thinking that it really made much difference. However, when my Mother had Parathyroid tumors removed–they were SPECIFIC that it had to be this brand and dose that she took before and after the surgery. It was enough to make me give it a better look. The reason I take Calcium is for it to work–so, a little extra for the best is worth it. I have osteoporosis and it is so important to have a supplement that works!

  7. M. Johnson

    Citracal appears to be a great product– but I’ve only been using it for a week. For me the best part at this point is that it doesn’t upset my stomach the way Calcium Carbonate always did. With the added vitamin D3 and minerals it is a good combination. The “BIG” downside is that the advertised “caplets” are huge pills. I literally was gagging trying to swallow a whole one. Fortunately there’s a crease in order to break them in half which makes them a lot easy to swallow. But since you need two doses a day and each dose consists of two whole pills you need to take a total of eight half pills a day! This is certainly not prohibitive but definitely a hassle!

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Citracal Maximum Plus Calcium Citrate + D3, 280 Caplets