Copper Moon Dark Sky Blend, Ground Coffee, 2 lb Bags, 2-pack

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  • 2-pack, 2 lb bags
  • Sustainably Sourced 100% Premium Arabica Coffee Blend
  • Dark Roast, Ground Coffee
  • Allergen Free and Kosher Certified

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Weight 4 lbs
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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Copper Moon Dark Sky Blend, Ground Coffee, 2 lb Bags, 2-pack

  1. A. Sparks

    Is great if you love strong coffee!

  2. H. Huerta

    A good coffee . Fairly dark and bold. You can actually taste the coffee if you make a cappuccino. And a good price

  3. V. Frazier

    It’s an okay coffee. Bring back Peet’s, please. Everyone in my family, my office, and my friends wants Peet’s dark roast, Alma de la Tierra.

  4. I. Kim

    The coffee tastes good and the price is reasonable. Mildly dark roast without the burnt taste of charbucks coffee (some people like the burnt taste, we’re not fans of it).

  5. A. Schneider

    Very smooth, finely ground, dark roast, delicious coffee. I had gotten 2 requests to review this coffee from , so decided it was a sign to break it open, even though I was waiting to be done with the bag of coffee I’m currently working on. Very good value for the money, and I love that it is sustainably sourced. My palette is not that discerning, so I’m not getting the smoky, herbal, earthy notes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. To my taste buds, it is just is a very enjoyable cup of coffee. I will buy this again. Taking a to go cup along as I am leaving for right now.

  6. K. Pruitt

    After using a pod in a machine for so long I had forgotten the taste of real brewed coffee. So I tried a few and this was not only by far the best, the price was fantastic when I compared it to others that tasted quite good. It is a smooth, rich flavor and not acidic. I love it. Very happy!

  7. J. Strong

    I had to start buying ground coffee because didn’t have the coffee grinders in the stores anymore due to covid. For a while, I was still buying whole coffee beans from but grinding them at home was a chore with a small grinder. I found this brand that worked perfectly with my Mochamaster coffee maker. It’s super rich, tasty and whole bodied; in other words, this is good coffee.

  8. M. Horne

    This is a very good tasting coffee. I had never heard of it, but when advertised it, I thought I would give it a try. I have ordered twice, with this 2 pack of coffee. And I luv it.

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Copper Moon Dark Sky Blend, Ground Coffee, 2 lb Bags, 2-pack