Cuckoo Micom Rice Cooker

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  • 10 Standard Cooking Settings
  • “My Mode” Custom Cooking Setting
  • Keep Warm & Reheat Options
  • 6 Cup Uncooked Rice Capacity (12 Cups Cooked)
  • Includes Non-Stick Inner Pot, Rice Paddle, & Measuring Cup

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Cuckoo Micom Rice Cooker

  1. D. Washington

    I have use the rice cooking function and congee and so far it has been great. It cleans super easy and looks great on the counter. I think the only problem I have with this is that the battery for the screen needs to be replaced with the montherboard by the manufacturing. And that might be long ways out but could still mean you need to do some work 3-4 years from now or simply need to get a new rice cooker

  2. C. Cummings

    Im a first time cuckoo owner and very pleased with purchase, inner rice pot cooker is a nice quality . Used it twice , first use attempt was a timer preset to when u want your rice to be done YES , if u eating at a specific time that rice will click DONE at that set time , 2nd nite was a regular quick cook on white it lasted for a whole 46 hrs. Both times PERFECT rice . I was NERVOUS at first use unknowing if i really am doing it right , but it really is simple to understand and follow , BUT YOU GOTTA READ MANUAL to understand the machine . Really hope its an awesome purchase for those who really want one or who has always wanted a cuckoo like me IM GLAD I SCORED A GOOD ONE !

  3. I. Harrell

    I’m glad finally my electric rice cooker arrived. You can really taste the difference when you cook your rice on stove or with the rice cooker. I used to own zojirushi (Japanese brand) for 15yrs until it broke down a month ago. I was planning to get the “Tiger” another Japanese brand, but it was sold out at online . Thought give Cuckoo, a Korean brand a try. For the price and the quality I got, I highly recommend this. My only complaint is the cord is not retractable.

  4. A. Salazar

    I have lived and traveled all over Asia, and I have also worked in and out of Asian restaurants for several years now. That being said, I know a lot of you were like me and considering between the Cuckoo Micom and Tiger Micom both listed on for basically the same price. I bought both of them and they are both great. They aren’t a Japanese made Zojirushi but for 100$, you can’t go wrong with either one.This Cuckoo CR-0632F is all around a great rice cooker. I don’t care for the interface as much as the Tiger. I do like that the Cuckoo has a detachable top cover for easy cleaning and has an overflow valve that is easy to get to on the back. Cuckoo has a TON of customizable cooking options that I, or the average user will probably never use. My biggest downfall to this Cuckoo is that it doesn’t have a steam tray option. This one also doesn’t have a retractable power cord. On to the good stuff. This rice cooker has made me probably the best brown rice I’ve ever had. White rice tastes fluffy and delicious as if you can feel each grain in every bite. I have no complaints about rice cooking technology here. If you are looking for “just a rice cooker” that’s really great at using fuzzy logic computing to “think” for itself, I would get this Cuckoo. Tiger brand is a brand that I have trusted for years, my old one finally just needed an upgrade from simple pot to micom rice cooking. I am disappointed that this Tiger BV-S10U rice cooker doesn’t have a retractable power cord like my old simple one did. It also doesn’t have a removable top cover for easy cleaning, nor does it have the overflow valve on the back. I do think this makes amazing rice. I feel like I am eating at one of those dope Japanese spots that serves your food on those bright orange trays with the split apart chopsticks. I love that this tiger has the TAC cook steam tray so you can steam meat, fish, veggies, dumplings while the rice is cooking. The steam tray is neat because the holes are not the traditional on the bottom giant holes that allow your top food to fall into the rice. The steam tray has tiny holes on the outer rim so your food and rice flavors never mix which I thought was really great. This is an amazing rice cooker but if I didn’t need the steam tray, I would probably have stuck with the Cuckoo because of the removable cleaning options. I hate to say it as a long Tiger brand fan but I think the Cuckoo has the edge on the Tiger for rice cooking and rice cooking options. TL:DRBoth are amazing at cooking rice but if you don’t need a steamer, go with the Cuckoo.

  5. J. Steele

    I am really happy with this rice cooker! Worth every penny. I didn’t care to purchase this brand at first as I have always used the tiger or zojirushi brand growing up. My husband convinced me to give it a try as he heard good things about it. So glad I did! Rice came out perfect with each grain plump and fluffy; not a single sogginess to it at the bottom. And on top of that, the rice cooker itself looks a lot better in size – very compact but still able to cook 6 cups, comes with high quality nonstick pot and removable lid and dripping valve for easy cleaning. Highly recommend!

  6. A. Nielsen

    Great cooker. I was deciding between this and another brand at , but I liked the promise of keeping cooked rice for days, and this cooker delivers.

  7. A. Ramirez

    I got this one last month to replace my old one. Cook rice almost everyday. Some times they stayed in the pot two or three days but they are still in great taste and texture. I love this rice cooker so much. I know so many people don’t like too sticky for their rice. For them I could really recommend this one because it is not too sticky but taste is really great and great texture too!!!. I do really love to eat sticky rice but this is not that much what I want. However, this is really great taste. My husband loves to cook rice with this pot very much!

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