Culturelle Kids Probiotic, 60 Chewable Tablets

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  • Natural bursting berry flavor
  • Dairy-Free and gluten-free

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8 reviews for Culturelle Kids Probiotic, 60 Chewable Tablets

  1. K. Ferguson

    My son is autistic. His pediatrician put him on a probiotic (not this one) and it seemed to help him, so I did my research and found that this probiotic has lac. B in it, which is said tohelp kids with autism. My son has been on it for several months now and they seem to be helpign his tummy issues. I like this product.

  2. B. Cook

    Both my children, now aged 4 and 6 take Culturelle Kids chewables every day. On the recommendation of our pediatrician, they have both taken Culturelle Kids daily since the were babies. We have tried the powder packets as well as the orange/citrus? flavored chewable they used to offer. These are our favorites. The chewables are MUCH easier for me to give them and they don’t seem to mind the taste at all. In fact, my kids remind me to give them to them at breakfast if I happen to forget. 🙂 Cannot beat ‘s price–it’s the only place I buy them from now.

  3. M. Bell

    This stuff really works. My 8- and 4-year-olds always seem to have hard time go potty. They do drink plenty of fluid and eat vegetables and fruits, but still go 2-3 days without p00p. When they go, it is always difficult. Doc recommended Miralax. That works, but I’d rather not feed the kids medicine all the time. The Culturelle chewables are easy to take, the Kids like the fruity taste, and it produce a soft easy-passing p00p every day. The only downside is it is pretty pricey. But not seeing your kids in pain and not having to unclog plugged toilet all the time is worth it.

  4. B. Huff

    I bought this a month ago for my toddler. He enjoys taking it, and although it may be coincidence, I believe that it has helped stabilize his digestive system during and after times when he has been sick. Not to get too graphic, but his stool was rather loose, which was a challenge for a potty trainer. Since taking probiotics, his stool has form and he seems to know when he needs to pooh, which has been a plus. He seems to feel better and doesn’t complain about tummy aches as much (he does eat healthy, I promise!). For now, this is a good investment and one which we are willing to continue as we see the benefits.

  5. B. Odom

    Our 2.5 year old girl was suffering from extreme constipation and she was also crossing her legs when time to go potty which made her constipation more worse. Then eventually she was totally afraid to go potty. We tried everything ( miralax, psyllium, castor oil, milk of magnesia and much more) you can imagine since I am a pharmacist by myself. I thought this probiotic as a last try and it worked like a miracle within 2 or 3 days she started going potty so smoothly that it never caused any problem ever since we been using it everyday since last 4 months. I would highly highly recommend to those parents who is struggling with kids for same kind of problem.

  6. S. Franco

    My son takes Culturelle every day. He had a tough time swallowing the capsules, so I bought these as an alternative. They taste excellent and as effective as the capsule form. Based on the research I’ve done, the price at cannot be beat anywhere online or in store. Even better, they’re delivered right to your door!

  7. J. Schaefer

    Been trying to hide the powder packets in their cold drinks & smoothies, and they’ll never finish due to grittiness. Pretty much, they never finish their probiotics. I gave in, got these berry flavored tablets (toddler calls it raspberry) and behold! They beg for this everyday, like this candy. Super easy way to give your kids their Daily probiotics. I picked up a few extra boxes during the sale. The expiration date was 01/22 for product I purchased 04/20. So I can probably order even more. Thank you !

  8. G. Boyd

    I am not one for writing reviews, but I have to this time. My little girl was having acid reflux issues and I was told by her Pediatrician to give her Culturelle Probiotic chewable. I didn’t know sells them, so I went to CVS and paid $35 plus tax for 30 pills. My daughter liked them and blew through them quickly. I got my weekly email from and while going through the email I realized sells the 60 count for $19.99 now that’s a deal. I purchased it online and got it in 2 days. My daughter stomach issues are much better and she like it too. Thanks

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