Florastor Daily Probiotic with Vitamin D3, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Contains Four Boxes, 30 Capsules Each
  • Strengthens Digestive & Immune Health
  • Flushes out Bad Bacteria to Restore Digestive Balance
  • Thrives During Antibiotic Use
  • Contains 20mcg Vitamin D3
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Florastor® Daily Probiotic Supplement with added Vitamin D3 for Men & Women is a different kind of probiotic, with important advantages over other probiotics:

• Helps Flush Out Bad Bacteria to Boost the Good Bacteria*

• Florastor’s exclusive strain, Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745, not found in any other probiotic

• With 100% Daily Value of Vitamin D3 – the Sunshine Vitamin

• Gluten free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian & Titanium Dioxide Free

Includes 120 Capsules!


A Different Kind of Probiotic

Florastor® is a different kind of probiotic. It’s made from friendly yeast, and its cells are stronger, more resilient and 10X larger than the leading bacteria-based probiotics. That means more gut protection and coverage for you.*

Florastor® is the ONLY probiotic with Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745 – a unique probiotic strain that is backed by over 65 years of safe use and supported by more than 600 published studies. In fact, it’s the #1 selling probiotic in class.


Active Immune Protection

By stimulating the production of ImmunoglobulinA (IgA), Florastor® actively stimulates immunity like no other probiotic!*

IgA is the primary antibody in the digestive system that helps to promote overall health and defend against infection.


Thrives Even During Antibiotic Use*

Florastor® is proven to work even during antibiotic use.* In a recent study, Florastor® was the ONLY probiotic proven resistant to all 16 common oral antibiotics!*

That means you can take Florastor® with oral antibiotics and still get its digestive balancing and immunity boosting action in your gut when you need it most!*

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Florastor Daily Probiotic with Vitamin D3, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. C. Chang

    I noticed a huge difference from the very first capsule that I took. I will never be without this lifesaver. I have suffered from IBS and gas and diarrhea, for the past several years. Nothing I did or didn’t do seemed to help. I balked at the price of this but gave it a shot. Think goodness I did. I am ordering a second batch today. It has worked wonder for me and my digestive system. I do find it strange that just about everyone that I know is suffering from some kind of digestive issue. I am 62 and never had any problems until a few years ago. It makes me wonder what in the heck is going on.

  2. B. Holt

    I ordered these several weeks ago on the advice from my gastroenterologist who had seen me. I had an c-diff infection and was taking an antibiotic called Flagyl to hopefully get rid of it. I needed to restore the good bacteria in my “guts” as he put it and this is what he suggested Florastor for me to take. It’s been working very well taking one in the morning and one in the evening and the c-diff is finally gone! Of Course I have to continue taking Florastor and drinking kefir for several more months but that’s a small price to pay for being well again. So, I have high praises for Florastor because without it, who knows if I would still be sick!

  3. A. Santos

    My GI doctor recommended this product to me after all my tests came back negative. I was suffering from stomachaches and intestinal issues for several months, and within a few weeks of taking Florastor my digestive system was running much more smoothly. It seems to keep everything regular and keeps stomachaches few and far between. My doctor told me it would take a couple weeks on to notice a difference, (same if you are going off of it) and this has been accurate in my experience. I have stayed on this probiotic because it works – I feel better when I take it regularly. The price at is the best price I had found – substantially cheaper than my local pharmacy that I used initially.

  4. J. Waters

    Florastor, was prescribed, although it is over the counter, to me by a Gastroenterologist after a really bad bout of C-Difficile (C-Diff). I had the original onset, had 2 relapses, all while taking antibiotics. Now, I take it whenever taking antibiotics, and for the las 10 years have had no relapses of C-Diff. Florastor, is classified as a yeast, and has been a favorite of world travelers, who use it as a preventitive to the infamous travelers diarrhea. If you take antibiotics, or travel, it is a must have supplement. Nothing else even comes close. I say this from experience, as I have been on antibiotic therapy over a hundred times.

  5. S. Welch

    I had a stomach infection years ago followed by gallstones and gallbladder removal 2 years ago. Jy digestive system has never been the same, nor really recovered. I struggle with ongoing symptoms that can make life miserable. I also developed GERD and took prilosec and pepcid. Since I dont want to be on PPIs and antacids forever, I started changing my diet, cutting certain foods out and losing weight, I also added this. They work great! I see and feel a big difference in my symptoms. I started with one a day to two. I don’t understand all the complaints about the packaging and blister packs, because all you do is peel the foil back! Great product!

  6. L. Haynes

    I have ulcerative colitis. I had tried other probiotics and never saw a difference. My colitis became out of control, or so I thought. Turns out after 6 months and a second opinion from another dr I had C. Difficle. For six months I was on and off antibiotics. They gave me the strongest medicine there is for C. Diff. Every time I went off of it, within two weeks, the infection came back. I got down to only 90lbs at one point. When I wasn’t a candidate for surgery, because of the colitis, the last thing the dr told me to try was Florastor and a yogurt called Kefir. IT WORKED! Finally, after nearly a year, I was able to eat and feel normal again. It has been more than 2 years now and I still take it everyday.

  7. M. Horne

    I have IBS-C. Lately the only thing that makes me go #2 is my RX laxative. My old probiotic just wasn’t giving me natural bowel movements anymore. And I had gas ALL of the time.I started using this Florastor because of all of the wonderful reviews on .comNow I have natural bowel movements without taking my RX laxative pill. And little to no farts. My tummy (and my husband) is very happy about the no gas part!My dosage is 2 Florastor pills in the morning with breakfast and 1 Florastor pill with dinner. This seems to promote a bowel movement the following morning. And helps keep the farts down in the night time. My IBS with constipation is so much better now!

  8. C. Valentine

    My husband has been on various antibiotics for the majority of the last year and a half. He takes the Florastor and couples it w/Culterelle (recommendation from his ID doctor) and has great results. He has taken it alone as well with great success; his circumstance is different than most thus the reason for taking both.We would highly recommend.And to comment on a previous comment about not being available in store, we live in Atlanta and have found it in a couple of stores in our area that we frequent… they keep it in the pharmacy so you have to ask for it there.

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Florastor Daily Probiotic with Vitamin D3, 120 Vegetarian CapsulesFlorastor Daily Probiotic with Vitamin D3, 120 Vegetarian Capsules