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  • Berry Blast Flavor
  • Gluten, Dairy and Preservative Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

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8 reviews for FOCUSfactor Kids, 150 Chewable Tablets

  1. L. Weiss

    I have tried this with my daughter with ADHA before once daily and I didn’t see much improvement, with the start of the new school year and the teacher complaines I have tried this again 3 /d plus using organic multivitamins and Fish oil at the same time with turmeric extract, in two weeks I was able to see a big improvement dealing with her sister and no more teacher complaines. After about 6 weeks she focuses more, I’m glad I tried this and didn’t listen to her mental therapist who wanted us to use medications.I gave 4 stars only because I had to use other supplements with it to get this results , now I’m using the extra strength one.

  2. K. Golden

    My daughter has been taking Focus Factor for Kids for a few years now. It did wonders for her in elementary school to help her focus in class. She recently started middle school and was a little overwhelmed to say the least. She was trying to adjust to all the changes and her advanced classes. Yesterday, she was so distraught and upset because nothing was going right for her. I then realized we had not started her Focus Factor for the school year. Today, she took it and all I heard were good things. I love this product because it allows my daughter to be her best self. I just wish I could buy it at the store. please stock it in the store, again.

  3. K. Pennington

    Our daughter is 9 years old, 5’5 and wears a size women’s 10 shoe. Height is a thing in our family. She was “diagnosed” with ADD and was put on methylphenidate hydrochlorid 10 mg aka metadate. She took it half of the first semester and all of the second semester until May…..when we bought focus factor! We wanted to see FF In the classroom so we had her take it the last week of school. Now, while some may say that’s not enough time to know a difference, I understand, but we also can absolutely tell a difference when she does NOT take her prescription within 2 hours of her waking up. There was absolutely no change in her bahavior and her teacher did NOT notice either. The same teacher who notified us immediately when she could tell she hadn’t taken her medicine. Which- I have to admit- on days we would forget we intentionally did not tell her teacher to see if there was a difference. And there was no call or notice for focus factor! Can’t wait to continue this and see how helpful it is

  4. A. Lynn

    We noticed a difference in less than a week. Our son has been struggling all year behaviorally at school. He just can’t seem to stay focused and will get off task. His class does a behavior chart (kids start at green each day and can move as high as pink or as low as red) and he has not finished above blue only a handful of times in 8 months. He has been consistently purple and pink since he started these. Nothing else has been different and we have tried everything natural to help him. He just says he can focus better…he doesn’t know why, but we do!

  5. U. Harvey

    My middle school child has been on methylphenidate since 1st grade. Each start of the school year, I test out the waters to see if we can go without his prescription. It failsevery single time – by the 2nd or 3rd week in school I am already getting called by the office about his behavior and inattentiveness. I also attribute it to him getting a tiny bit more more mature each year, but honestly this is the first year we tried to use Focus Factor and we are one month into the school year and he is not only doing well but is in good spirits.I am obviously anti-meds, mainly because I don’t want my child to feel that there is a magic pill that will make his behavior disappear. I am also weary of substance abuse in the teen years and dependency into adulthood. I give the focus factor along with my child’s vitamins, and we get on with our day. I really feel that these supplements work and allow him to be himself without the side effects of the meds. I hope continues to sell it, and I definitely stock up when it’s on sale.

  6. J. Arnold

    We have been using Focus Factor Kids around the start of the school year in August. My six year old son was diagnosed with ADHD over the summer and I chose not to meditate him with prescription pills that would cause him to to be a zombie in school or “crash” daily when they wore off. These tablets have been a life saver. He takes two in the morning with his breakfast and is good for the day. His teacher actually asked me what we were doing differently or if I had changed my mind about prescription medication due to the change in his behavior in class. He is calmer more focused and doing 100% better in class. I will pick up a bottle every time I go to just so I make sure we don’t run out. I would definitely recommend these tablets to anyone looking to increase their child’s focus and attention span.

  7. L. Hall

    I bough it last year at , my daughter was 6 years old. She love it, when i come back i didn’t see anymore. I try different store but it gone, finally i’m check online and see it. I read the review they said give kids 2tablets morning help her focus, and i try work very well. I always give her after school when she got home. My daughter AR reader kinder. Every month she got award from school. She can read 1500 a month. 1st grade she didn’t get award and always not focus on the text. I ordered 1 month ago, and she takes 2 tablets everyday her teacher tell me big difference,she focus on text , everyday she had AR book text like 90% and 100%. I so happy now.

  8. L. Fritz

    I bought this product to help my son who has ADHD. I have seen significant improvement in his concentration, and ability to complete tasks in school. It has also helped with his impulsive behavior, and overall interactions with others. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a child that has focus issues. I am so happy that this product is offered by , and I will continue to purchase it in the future.

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