Further Food Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides Powder, Unflavored, 32.0 oz, 113 Servings

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  • (1) 32.0 oz Type I & III Collagen
  • 16g of Collagen Per 2 Servings
  • Grassfed & Pasture Raised
  • Unflavored & Dissolves Quickly

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8 reviews for Further Food Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides Powder, Unflavored, 32.0 oz, 113 Servings

  1. C. Pham

    I have been using this for a couple of months and I noticed that my hair and nails are really getting longer and are healthy. I put this in my morning coffee. I can’t really taste it and it blends in well. I also feel that my knees are less painful and all my joints in the morning. I do have severe Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. I know that I will always have pain but this does take the edge off. I also think that my skin is looking better. The price that sells this is very good since the website it cost the same for one tub. Thank you for a great product and a great price.

  2. P. Elliott

    I love the all natural way I can get my protein intake from collagen. Please be aware that this gives nutritional info based on 8grams per scoop, most products provide that info with either 16 or 24grams. Someone said that bulletproof is better. It’s not better, it’s just the same, if you want better results you can take up to 3 scoops like bulletproof recommends that’s if you have more problems with joints, bones of skin. I just take it for the protein and for prevention, so I only take 1 scoop. It dissolves easily and it truly doesn’t taste like anything. I live adding it to my homemade cashew milk from raw organic cashews from , I love !!

  3. L. Mejia

    I bought this a couple months ago and I mix it with Amazing Grass greens before I add the water so it doesn’t clump. I’ve been working out and it really helps with recovery. My nails are growing great and so is my hair – really! It does clump and when I say clump, I mean it turns into a goo ball that doesn’t really dissolve and it will weird you out if it ends up in your mouth. They say it doesn’t have taste… I tried it plain and it’s gross. Kind of tastes like a penny, just trust me and mix it with something. I love it mixed with the berry flavored greens. It’s a perfect after workout or pick me up drink. I highly recommend!

  4. K. Cervantes

    I bought this product to see if it would help with my osteoporosis and painful arthritis. Although I have only been using it for a few weeks, my arthritic pain has lessened substantially. I also noticed that my hair and nails are growing much faster, and the tone and elasticity of my skin have both improved. Only time will tell if it helps with my osteoporosis, but I am very encouraged. I add this powder to my hot oatmeal every morning, and it blends in easily and does not change the flavor. Since this company is run entirely by females, I think they are doing an excellent job in the creation, development and manufacturing of this exceptional product. Kudos to them and for carrying this fine product.

  5. B. Chase

    I originally bought this in hopes it would help with nail and hair growth, and it has, but I’m even more impressed with the “gut health” benefit! For years I’ve had bloating more days than not, and at night it could be a little painful. After about two months of using this product, I noticed that my bloating is almost non-existent (of course some foods will cause bloat regardless of what I do), and the pain is completely gone. So even if the collagen peptides weren’t helping with nail and hair growth, I would still take it for the gut benefits. ** Keep in mind that it took 6-8 weeks to for the bloating to ease.

  6. C. Newton

    i have osteoporosis and To add to my doctors prescription I researched out everything I could about collagen supplements. I’ve been supplementing for almost two months now. Realizing this should take awhile for results I don’t like to get too excited at this time. So far I have noticed when I get a cut or bruise the wound has healed faster. I haven’t had much in the way of body aches even have walking for exercise or my yoga stretching sessions. I really would prefer to give this supplement at least six months or longer (my next dexa will be a couple years out) so that I can see some of the other possible results – like hide and nails.

  7. A. Tucker

    AMAZING value for the price. Finding anything that’s pasture raised/grass fed is a challenge, which is a shame. This collagen is great. Dissolves well, no taste, and I feel good about the quality. Love that is supporting high quality products at affordable prices. I’ve been wanting to try the Further Foods products because I’ve heard about their their mission, integrity, high quality ingredients, and the fact that they are a women owned small business. With such a great sale, I bought 2 packages to stock up. It’s a better price than Vital Farms, and I’ve found no difference between the two. Very happy with it. Couldn’t recommend more.

  8. A. Ball

    I ordered ny first bag of product about 2 weeks ago. I was leery at first due to the negative reviews from some people regarding the desolveability of the product. There is absolutely no issue with the powder as long as you put it into a hot liquid and stir it right away. I add it to my cold smoothy while the blender is running and there is no issue at all. Since I use cream in my coffee I cannot detect any odd taste. As far as what the product does for me – my nails are growing faster however it’s only been about 2 weeks since I started using it so time will tell. I did order a second bag since I don’t want to run out.

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Further Food Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides Powder, Unflavored, 32.0 oz, 113 ServingsFurther Food Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides Powder, Unflavored, 32.0 oz, 113 Servings