Isabelle Pineapple Cakes 27.1 oz, 3-count

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  • 16 Individually Wrapped Cakes
    Soft and Buttery
  • Filled with Sweet Pineapple Paste
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Pineapple are considered symbols of fortune, prosperity and abundance in Asian cultures making Isabelle Pineapple Cakes specially popular for gift-giving during special occasions and holidays.  Considered a festive treat, these authentic Taiwanese pastries are soft, butter, and filled with rich and sweet pineapple paste.

Isabelle Pineapple Cakes are perfect dessert items, and make lovely accompaniments to tea or coffee.  Each pineapple cake is individually wrapped for convenience thus allowing the recipient to enjoy these melt-in-your mouth pastries long after the box is opened.


  • 27.1 oz, 3-count
  • 16 Individually Wrapped Cakes

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Weight 1.69 lbs
Dimensions 16.18 × 9.65 × 2.32 in

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Isabelle Pineapple Cakes 27.1 oz, 3-count

  1. R. Yates

    These called them “cake” is a mistranslation. These are in fact pastry. Fluffy short crust pastry filled with pineapple fillings. These are very popular in Taiwan and these are one of the top ranking one. Way better than the one you can get from Asian store.Amazingly, they are really well packed. Each one is individually wrapped. Ship super fast also.

  2. A. Little

    I’ve bought 4 of these boxes and everyone who got them love em! They all say it’s delicious and refuse to share w anyone else. Guess that is a great sign. They are awesome as gifts.

  3. E. Abbott

    I was really craving some pineapple cakes but haven’t had any friends or family travel to Tawain since the pandemic started. I usually like Chai Te or Sunny Hills. This is absolutely nothing like it. When I received the box I saw the first ingredient in this was winter melon, the cheap filler for pineapple cake. The filling was dry, lacked flavor and the crust wasn’t buttery. The worst part is that this was sold by the csse online. So I now have 3 boxes of crappy pineapple cakes. I should have just taken my chances and bought 3 different boxes from my Asian grocery store to try instead.

  4. B. Landry

    This product comes close to the authentic pineapple cakes I’ve had from Thailand. The cake around the pineapple filling supposed to be crumbly and slightly dry. It’s flavorful and not too sweet. I’m so happy that once a year brings these.

  5. K. Costa

    These cakes are awesome! The crusty buttery outside crust couple with the filling that is sweet tangy and chewy inside. Perfect combination! Pineapple cakes are favorites of the Far East and I grew up eating them. They are as good as the ones I would get from my childhood overseas. Much better then the pineapple cakes from Chinese grocery stores. I really appreciated carrying these for those who really miss these from Far East.

  6. J. Hooper

    Very nice gift for the Holiday Season, my family kept asking where I got them from. Good value for the price

  7. A. Vazquez

    The cakes are very tasty, if you have the craving for this particular dessert these will make you happy. It’s a specific taste so buyer beware. We first had these at an airline club in Hawaii catering mostly to Japanese tourists and became big fans of them. Hard to find and we were happy to get these even though they are expensive.

  8. K. Rice

    I bought Isabelle pineapple cake each year during Christmas time because only sell the cake in store once a year. I like the cake and also my family so I tried to get it from Chinese grocery store like Ranch 99. But the price is high, so when I found in for 3-count, I ordered right away. It is little bit higher than Christmas price, but it is much cheaper than retail price, and the quality is excellent.

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Isabelle Pineapple Cakes 27.1 oz, 3-count