Kirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals, 500 Tablets

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  • Multivitamin with Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Gluten and Yeast Free
  • USP Verified

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7 reviews for Kirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals, 500 Tablets

  1. M. Padilla

    I love how the value and how complete the multi is, the only problem is the iron. Taking for a couple days in a row is all it takes to become completely blocked. I wish there was an Iron free choice. The Mature Multi is Iron free but it doesn’t contain all the minerals that this one does. Overall, though, it is a great value and doesn’t contain the dyes that Centrum does..if only it didn’t cause this issue.

  2. D. Morgan

    I am 45 and have taken vitamins off & on throughout my life. Last time I got a physical I was told I am low in Vita D and need more calcium, etc. So my doc suggested a good multi vitamin. I found these at and gave them a try. I felt better after just two times of taking them. I felt an increase in energy and my nails are growing like crazy! I also supplement them with vita E and Vita D3 and drink more milk. So far, so good and for the price and quality, you can’t go wrong!

  3. L. Hopkins

    We’ve been using this vitamin for years and we are happy with it. The reason I’m writing this review is because of the new red lid. I didn’t want to skew the ratings so I didn’t mark it down for this problem, but it’s a big one.Bought a new jar yesterday. It has a red lid now (was white before). I could not get the lid off; the child protection also protects against adults opening the jar! Carried it around to 3 different people. Finally my adult son was able to get it off (and then complained he broke his hand lol). There is definitely something wrong with their new lid. Be sure to save your old one (it works!), just in case!!

  4. A. David

    I had been taking another group of vitamins at the cost of almost $300.00 every three months and saw an ad that said that ‘s vitamins were formulated the best on the market. I am beginning my life, without the high priced vitamins and do not notice any difference in my body. I will stay on the vitamins from now on.

  5. K. Huff

    I started off taking Kirkland Signature Mature Multi, as I thought I wanted a multivitamin with no iron. I am not 50+, but thought iron might irritate my stomach. I didn’t feel any different or better taking the Mature Multi, so I decided to try this Daily Multi, which contains 18mg of iron. I feel better on this version. It’s possible that I was deficient in iron (I don’t eat much red meat), so perhaps the extra iron helped me. I take this vitamin on a full stomach, right after breakfast. It does not make me nauseous as many vitamins do, and has not caused any adverse reactions thus far. The label says to “compare to Centrum”, but I think it’s much better than Centrum. I can tell it is absorbed in my system, as it is effective. It does not contain high quantities of anything, but Consumer Reports advises to take multivitamins that contain low to moderate dosages of ingredients. I supplement by taking extra C, fish oil, B-complex, CoQ10, etc. It can also be noted that Consumer Reports rated Kirkland Signature multivitamins very highly…that includes this Daily Multi, Mature Multi, and their Childrens’ Multi.

  6. R. Lewis

    This is a great multivitamin that contains much of what we need as a supplemental vitamin. Vitamins are Supplements not Replacements and these vitamins hit the bullseye. It is a fairly large pill, but not overly large. I read the reviews for purchasing and I have to wonder about the reasoning of some reviewers. I am not sure that because the cap was hard to open you would rank the vitamin lower. I get that if I received an out of date product I would be upset, but that does not negate the vitamin itself. But rather than dispute other reviews I will just say these are a great value, include high percentages of needed vitamins, and have helped me maintain my health. I am 66 and have been taking multivitamins most of my life. These are by far the best I have used.

  7. S. Whitehead

    These vitamins were highly rated for content, absorbability and price. i also find them easy to swollow although they are large.

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Kirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals, 500 TabletsKirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals, 500 Tablets