Kirkland Signature Energy Shot, 48 Bottles, 2 Ounces Each

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  • Vitamins, Nutrients and Caffeine
  • Sugar Free
  • 24 Berry, 12 Pomegranate, 12 Peach Mango

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Weight 6 lbs
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6 reviews for Kirkland Signature Energy Shot, 48 Bottles, 2 Ounces Each

  1. T. Young

    There’s serveral bad reviews on here but for the price per unit, this product cannot be beat. The flavor, in my opinion, is sweet and not as tart as the comparable 5-Hour energy product. I used 5-hour energy for months before I decided to look for a more economical version of the product. After taking the Kirland Energy Shot I get the same energy and focus that lasts just as long as the effect I felt from 5-hour. I have had the issue of of crusted residue under the cap but its just dried spilt product during bottling. This is not going to hurt anyone and I had the same issues with 5-hour energy.

  2. L. Perry

    I drank ZipFizz for a few months but wanted something different so I tried this. It seems to be a far cheaper equivalent of 5-Hour Energy. The first thing I noticed is that the flavor is very strong with an aftertaste and takes some getting use to. At first I would water it down in a glass of water or other drink.I then started noticing I had trouble falling asleep at night and may even wake up in the middle of the night. Even though I drank this right after lunch or even earlier, I found that it affected my sleep. After that I stopped taking it and started sleeping again. I never had that problem with ZipFizz.

  3. A. Rowe

    No sugar! Just what I need. My doctor prescribed caffeine as a stimulant against narcolepsy. But coffee is banned for me, and I banned energy drinks for myself because they taste so nasty. (I apologize if you like them, no prob!) Pills are ok, but not great. These little guys are THE BEST. Same as 5 Hour for me, but half as much dough, duh! I have to have an alarm at the five hour mark, as another reviewer said. No crash, but I am pooped. Back to my normal, I guess. But another shot INSTANTLY (sublingual or subconscious, not sure?) gets me back on track. I prefer pomegranate now, grape WAS my fav flav; orange is meh. But I don’t sip these for flavor. I LOVE KIRKLAND ENERGY SHOTS!!!

  4. C. Larson

    I really like drinking these energy shots. They give me a boost, they taste great and they’re less expensive than other energy shots on the market. Since I’ve never liked coffee, they help keep this guy who doesn’t sleep enough awake and energized. The one major downside is they are only available in the assorted fashion. I’d rather be able to order all grape or all berry instead of grape / berry / pomegranate all in one. Please make that an option, …thank you.

  5. S. Juarez

    I have tried 5 hour energy for several years and the Kirkland Energy shot recently. I have found no unusual aftertaste as stated in one review. I have found no black residue as stated in another review. The only suggestion I would make is to make the cap easier to twist off. The 5 hour energy caps are perforated at the bottom, so you can just twist the cap without having to try to peel off the plastic wrap. The Kirkland energy shot caps are a little difficult to open, since you have to peel off the hard plastic wrap.

  6. C. Larson

    I was so surprised to see a Kirkland brand of the 5-hour energy drink I’ve been buying at . I compared the ingredients side by side and they are EXACTLY the same. The brand is twice as many (48 bottles vs. 24 bottles) as the name brand for less!! Amazing deal, and the product is identical. Thank you !

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