Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000 mg., 500 Tablets

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  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
  • Gluten Free, Yeast Free and Soy Free

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6 reviews for Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000 mg., 500 Tablets

  1. J. Mercado

    My family and I have been taking Vitamin C for awhile; and this particular one – we have been taking every day for the past 5 years. Should any one of us feel even the slightest bit under the weather, we take up to 3 (1000 mgs) and viola! Whatever was trying to come, has been defeated. The entire family swears by Vitamin C. No colds and no flus. Its also great for skin and needed nourishment for body and immune system. I also buy this for my siblings. We really love this product and other vitamin products via . Thanks for always providing quality products. FOR REAL!!!

  2. M. Rios

    To make a very long story short, Vitamin C cured my severe sciatica that I had for three months last year. I chose because I think they are one of the best retailers in the country; they treat their employees well which means that treat their customers and investors well. They only add 13% over wholesale for all their products which are high end. Their Vitamin C is USP Verified. Very important. Lastly, because I now take 10 grams a day for maintenance and maximum good health, the large size meets my needs physically and financially. Thank you, , for consistently doing a superb job!

  3. M. Pitts

    Each tablet is large. When I was a kid we used to call this size “horse pill.” The last supply I purchased of Vitamin C from had much smaller, easier to swallow tablets. Had I realized the tablets in this bottle were so large, I wouldn’t have purchased. And with each tab being large, the container also has to be large, presenting storage issues. I gave a 3 rating because the product is Vit C as ordered from online store. Wish the online description had stated the actual size of the tablets, or even the actual size of the container because that would have at least been a hint that the contents were big.

  4. M. Sexton

    I had misgivings about this product at first. I knew it was a good value, getting that much Vitamin C at that price (especially in the Covid era, where there is above-average demand for Vitamin C). But I wasn’t sure I could swallow the 1000mg pill. I was used to taking 500mg Vitamin C twice a day, and I wasn’t excited about the prospect of getting a boatload of bigger pills and having to cut them in half. But the bottle said “EZ swallow coating.” True!

  5. O. Bowman

    I’ve been taking 4 ~ 6 grams/day of ‘s 1000mg vitamin C for almost 4 years. After the first 6 months of this dosage it was apparent that the frequency my normal twice/year cold or flu attacks had greatly reduced. After about two years on this regimen, even the slightest hints of an oncoming cold or flu dropped to almost zero. In the last two years I have had no symptoms at all of either. This stuff is simply amazing.

  6. O. Hinton

    This vitamin C is incredibly effective…much more effective than any other Vitamin C I have taken. And I’ve tried lots of brands. My mother and I each take one tablet per day (1000mg). My mother has a long history of recurrent urinary tract infections, and this vitamin C has virtually eradicated that issue. She has not had even one UTI since she began using this vitamin C. For me, it has boosted my immune system (haven’t had even a hint of a cold) and makes the skin on my face firm and radiant. I don’t know why this vitamin C is so much more effective than others, but it is. It simply works. I can highly recommend this product.

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Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000 mg., 500 Tablets

Availability: 15 in stock