Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 1400 mg., 230 Softgels

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  • One Softgel contains 330 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (230 mg EPA+DHA Combined)
  • Naturally Formed Triglyceride Fish Oil
  • Naturally Occurring Vitamins A & D and Astaxanthin
  • Sustainably Sourced, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin
  • USP Verified

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6 reviews for Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 1400 mg., 230 Softgels

  1. J. Kemp

    I also was curious to know what was the EPA+DHA levels in each capsule. I wrote a short email with my concern to the company and the same day they got back to me. They responded with a very detailed email about the product. A resumed it to this; From historical testing for this product we can provide average values for EPA+DHA omega-3 fatty acids. The average EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) value is approximately ~130 mg/softgel and the average DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) value is approximately ~100 mg/softgel (these levels vary just as they do in nature). This was all the information I needed.

  2. M. Williams

    My doctor wanted know how I reduced my Cholesterol by 300 points & I told him; Kirkland Fish oil capsules. He was impressed & plans to buy some for him & his wife since they’ve turned 45 recently. All of my blood tests came back to a woman in her 40’s & I’m 67. Last year, not so good. Stress from my beloved husband passing did a lot to me. I take care to watch everything I eat & supplements I take. By being proactive, I’ve been happier & looking forward to seeing what other things life has to offer. never fails on quality & price. Worth every penny since it takes rigorous testing to make it on shelves. Kirkland brand is a winner every time.

  3. R. Vasquez

    If you are looking for an affordable cold pressed extra virgin fish oil this is a great buy. Do not pay too much attention to the 1 star reviews about the amount of EPA/DHA Omega 3’s in this.Obviously, a cold pressed unprocessed fish oil is going to have less concentration of Omega 3’s than the chemically processed ethyl ester forms of fish “oil”. This oil however contains the natural triglyceride form of oils, which is the form that ALL oils in nature, whether it is animal or plant oil, takes. The fish “oil” supplements that are high omega 3’s have been chemically processed, and distilled in order to achieve the high concentration of Omega 3’s. The reason I say fish “oil” in quotations, is because these forms of fish oil are attached to ethanol (alcohol) instead of the natural glycerol form, so scientifically, it is no longer an oil. This can reduce the bioavailability, and could cause more issues with individuals who have digestive problems, since you are trying to digest ethyl esters, which are not natural or found in nature.Just think about this, when buying olive oil, or coconut oil for your consumption, what do you tend to look for? Extra virgin, and cold pressed! To ensure it has not been overprocessed with heat and chemicals and is in as natural a form as can be. Would you buy olive oil that has been chemically treated and is combined with ethanol? The process of creating the ethyl esters make it easy for manufacturers to manipulate the level of Omega 3’s in fish oil, but depending on what you want, that may not necessarily be a good thing.Basically it just comes down to what you are looking for in a fish oil supplement, if all you are looking for is high concentration of EPA/DHA Omega 3’s, then maybe other products are a better choice for you, but if you’re looking for a natural cold pressed extra virgin fish oil, still in it’s natural form that you would eat in a piece of fish, this is a good choice.

  4. J. Davies

    My triglycerides were too high and my cardiologist suggested I take fish oil to control my triglycerides. He suggested I take 1400mg twice a day. I began checking in and found they had wild alaskan fish oil 1400mg. The price was also reasonable and each bottle had 230 capsules. I was told to take the fish oil capsules after eating and that prevents the after taste. It works. My triglycerides have been in control for months. I had taken a different brand and I always come back to Cosco’s Kirkland Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 1400mg. I highly recommend.

  5. R. Owens

    I am an avid supplements user. I tried several quality brands before worth $45 a bottle, i am surprised that people still believe in name brands and pay a hefty price for them while there is that sells exactly equal quality at a third of the price. is straight & Strict on quality & Serious Products that work. This distingushed Omega oil contains 3 quality fish oils known for many aspects of Body organs health. I stocked up on it and bought 24 bottles. I have glowing skin, plump & weird to say but my joints are Clicking back into place after a bicycle accident i had. … my sincerest Thanks & salut to you for the Impeccable quality you offer paired with Pauper prices

  6. C. Estrada

    I have been taking these for a while. There is no stomach upset nor odor/taste. They are larger than many other pills but taking them with juice such as orange makes them much easier to swallow than using just water. Due to genetics I have had lifelong high cholesterol. I can’t/won’t take statins so I manage it through diet and supplements. My HDL and total cholesterol have been fine and I am sure this is a contributing factor. I also maintain a diet of fish and vegetables with no meat, poultry and very little dairy. This fish oil is a staple in my daily routine.

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Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 1400 mg., 230 Softgels

Availability: 5 in stock