Manuka Health MGO 850+ Raw Manuka Honey 8.8 oz

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  • Raw and unpasteurized
  • Tested for quality, purity and New Zealand origin
  • Certified for natural methylglyoxal (at least 850mg/kg)
  • Protected and traceable from beekeeper to jar
  • Gluten free, Kosher, Halal,

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8 reviews for Manuka Health MGO 850+ Raw Manuka Honey 8.8 oz

  1. B. Curtis

    Amazing taste. I didn’t think I would notice the difference between the 20+UMF and another high-end brand of honey but the difference is immeasurable. Wow! I have to stop myself from taking more than two spoonfuls. The smooth decadent taste is like no other honey I’ve tasted. Other than treating myself to an occasional honey face mask, I don’t use this in tea or as an ingredient. I don’t want to waste the flavor. I spoon direct onto the palate

  2. D. Singh

    I bought this and used for a month now. I can feel the difference in taste as well as the honey quality. Before this i used to have Manuka Health 10+ and Comvita 20+. Though 10+ is sufficient for regular usage, I want to try this brand UMF 20+ quality. The price and quality will differ between 10+ and 20+. Manuka Health 20+ is higher price and less quantity but worth it. This product is not easily available in online and cheaper than other competitors, where you get comvita and other brands with 20+ regularly. Thanks to bring this here.

  3. H. Salas

    I read a lot of reviews about this being overpriced online vs in store. So, I saw for myself, and the manuka honey in store is cheaper, but it is UMF 10+ which is a completely different grade. It’s fine for cosmetic and daily wellness additions, but UMF 16 and above (like this UMF 20+) is what is used in healthcare settings for wound care for example, and is has many more health benefits. So, no this is not overpriced, great deal.

  4. C. Noble

    Each batch of all Manuka Honey is tested and graded by the New Zealand Government according to it’s contents which directly relates to its quality. And, each batch us issued a certificate for just that batch. The New Zealand Government has a website that lists companies that are licensed & reputable & explains how the rating works. This Manuka Honey is very high quality product and sells it at an excellent price. It’s a very powerful healing agent & that’s what many people use it for. I highly recommend it!!!

  5. D. Wagner

    First I love it… smooth and easily dissolved in liquids.. great taste No on another not …I noticed that A lot of the one stars given to this product are because they could buy bigger quantities for less at the warehouse. It’s not the same product you have to look at the MGO number and the UMF number on the container….The one in the store is 230 this one is 850 a huge difference approaching medical grade that can go for as much is $100…So research what you were buying and why you were buying it and then you might understand the difference in price and quantity….js

  6. J. Trujillo

    I have had GI track problems for years. I have been in search for any product to see if it will help with my constant pain and other IBM symptoms. Nothing has helped as much as Manuka Honey. I started with 10+ to since it seem to have slow but sure affect I increased it to Manuka Health 20+. FANTASTIC RESULTS. I have been taking a tablespoonful every morning for 8 weeks and eliminated my abdominal pain and other problems I have been living with. Seems unreal that natural product as this honey worked miracles for me. I hope it will help others with similar issues when they discover this as it has helped me.

  7. P. Ferrell

    Outstanding! Though I have been buying Manuka for years (and from as soon as they offered it,) this one (much higher grade and thus much more expensive) I purchased for the first time. This caliber product I had not seen anywhere. In agreement with other reviewers, this Manuka is especially potent in healing acid reflex and heartburn. Truly magical, especially that I can not take OTC products. Manuka is my salvation and this one is at the top of the pyramid.

  8. G. Baker

    I used this on my face several years ago for a weird rash/infection that prescribed medicine wouldn’t get rid of. This brand got rid of it forever! Also, you can use this honey for mild burns and weird rashes on your skin. Totally recommend to keep in your first aid kit.

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Manuka Health MGO 850+ Raw Manuka Honey 8.8 ozManuka Health MGO 850+ Raw Manuka Honey 8.8 oz