Myrtos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L, Tins, 2-pack

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  • 2-3L Tins
  • Product of Greece
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  • 2 – 3L Tins Premium Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cold and first pressed
  • The olives used are Koroneiki olives which are particularly well indicated to make oil. They are in fact very rich and very well balanced
  • Hand-picked olives grown in the fertile hills of the Kalamata region of Southern Greece, which is renowned for its appealing smooth and well-balanced flavor
  • Golden-green in color and fruity in flavor, this oil delivers a complex aroma of green grass and artichokes with a slight peppery finish
  • Product of Greece

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Weight 6 lbs

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8 reviews for Myrtos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L, Tins, 2-pack

  1. J. Acosta

    Excellent flavor and color. Plus ships it right to your door! Thanks, , for providing quality goods and paying your employees well. You rock!

  2. K. Garrett

    This is the second time we order this olive oil and for good reason. One, the price point is excellent. Two, the quality and taste is very good. The taste of this olive oil resembles that of much expensive olive oils. I have always been a fan of olive oils from Greece and this olive oil does not disappoint.Use it for cooking, salads and just about everything.

  3. S. Buckley

    Not all olive oil is created equal. The exact olive fruit and method of pressing matter greatly. Because this is 100% olives from Kalamata, they contain the highest amount of polyphenols. Not only is this olive oil delicious, deep in flavor yet NOT bitter, it’s also high in anti-cancer, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also neuroprotective. We’re all getting older and wll age better with this kind of olive oil.

  4. C. Blanchard

    I had found high-quality Greek olive oil in the past, and loved it, so when I saw that had it, it was a “must try.” It lives up to my memory of past great oil, with a strong and fruity nose and good body. It is great for homemade salad dressing or for dipping bread. The cost is so low that I don’t feel bad using it for cooking, either. Very impressive olive oil.

  5. K. Hahn

    I normally buy olive oil in 3 or 5L tins from an online store that just sells olive oil. Greek olive oil is our favorite, it’s a good value compared to Italian, French or Californian oils. This is my first time buying from . After reading reviews here, my main concern was packaging, as many customers report damaged tins leaking olive oil. My other concern was that the harvest year was not in the listing and I was afraid I might be sent old olive oil. However my oil was well packaged, each tin was wrapped in bubble wrap and arrived intact. And the olive oil I ordered in Feb 2022 has an expiration date of 2024, so I believe I was sent a new harvest. This olive oil has a nice flavor, we’re very happy with it.

  6. D. Curtis

    As a Greek, I can tell you that this olive oil is very good quality. We use it almost everywhere in out diet. Price is very good for 6 Liters of olive oil, hope makes in available in warehouse as well for an even better price! No problems with shipping – was safely packaged with bubble wrap. Some complained that it is messy when you pour it – what I do is to use another olive oil bottle to transfer some of it into the bottle so I can handle the oil more easily.

  7. B. Odonnell

    We use this daily for cooking, dressing, and marinades with never an issue. It has a light taste that still shines through enough to use on its own. With olive oil prices through the roof these days, this oil is a virtual steal, especially with frees hipping to your front door. Highly recommended.

  8. R. Haley

    This is my first time buying Greek EVOO from online. I usually buy EVOO from store but this time I wanted to try something different because I was not too impressed with most offerings at the store. I was impressed with what I read from Greek olive, using only Koroneiki cultivar from a select region in Greece which confers a high-polyphenol content for health benefits in addition to great taste. It came in a 3L can x2 pack but there was no dent or oil leakage due to excellent air bubble packaging. I think that this will be my new favorite EVOO to use for next 6 months. I wish that store would consider carrying 3L can in the store.

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Myrtos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L, Tins, 2-pack