Natrol 5-HTP Plus Mood & Relaxation 100 mg., 150 Time Release Tablets

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8 reviews for Natrol 5-HTP Plus Mood & Relaxation 100 mg., 150 Time Release Tablets

  1. M. Hatfield

    I have suffered with Migraine headaches for years usually during the PMS time each month, I use to have to take 1 to 2 migraine pills each month to keep this abay. This was due to my seratonine level dropping during this time. I starting taking this 5HTP by the advise of my natropathic Dr. and I have not had a migraine in over 5 months. This product also keeps me calm and very relaxed throughout the stressful days during working hours. This is a great product, I love the time realease. I usually only take 1 pill each morning and this does the job for me.

  2. L. Mcmahon

    I bought 5-HTP half expecting it to be a placebo. Within two weeks, however, I started noticing the positive effects. I’m much more calm, collected, with greater mental clarity. I take one pill in the morning, and one at night. I sleep better at night, which is an added bonus.This product is well worth the price. I worry about some of the health concerns I’ve been reading about, however. Also, if I take more than 2 pills at a time, I get lethargic.All in all, worth the money.

  3. W. Clark

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, and the effects are amazing. I’ve been sufferering from extreme anxiety for a while now, and was about at the point of not being able to go out in public. I didn’t want to turn to medication, but felt there was no other way to function normally. I saw this product and thought I would try this first. Within days of taking one pill a day, my anxiety was nearly gone! I feel calm, relaxed, and stress free! Unfortunately my sleep wasn’t improved as other people have said, but lack of anxiety is big enough improvement for me.

  4. J. Humphrey

    I swear by this product, I was having a horrible time sleeping thru the night, I would wake up 2-3am and could not shut my brain off became worn out, exhausted, irritable couldn’t stay alert at work, from the first day of use I felt better, it does help with my appetite too, I take 1 tab morning and night, can’t beat ‘s price. 😉

  5. A. Whitaker

    I guess I needed a lot of serotonin as I am always stressed. I was shopping with my husband at in this department looking for something else when my husband says I think you need to try this! What? are you saying I am stressed? I thought about what he said and read the information and decided I would try it. What I noticed after about a week on the product was when something upsets me (which is frequent) it does not last long. I am able to drop it and go on, something I could not do prior. Great product and what a difference it has made in my outlook on things.

  6. M. Bishop

    A coworker turned me on to HTP-5 because of my reaction to stress at work. This little pill is very effective at reducing my stress at work and makes me feel good. It’s natural, time released and works so good, I take it before I go to work religiously with my vitamins and other supplements. I just don’t normally care to write reviews in general, but this product seriously actually works. Reduces stress, makes you feel good, natural, non-addictive. This is a winner. Hands down.

  7. J. Young

    I have been using this for over ten years. I don’t really feel anything specifically different, just better when I take it. I take one a day, at bedtime, although it doesn’t make me drowsy, some say it does, so I take it at night. I recommended it to a male co-worker, and he said, “Wow, you really did me a solid.” He described that it stopped the racing thoughts.Went through difficulties recently and I took 2 a day for about a month.

  8. V. Dalton

    I’ve had a problem with insomnia my entire life. I managed to stay away from prescription drugs, but have relied heavily on melatonin and valerian based herbal remedies. They’re good at putting me to sleep, but not for the entire night. If I take more to get back to sleep I wake up feeling hungover. 5-htp has quickly changed my life. I sleep through the night, and have no trouble getting back to sleep if I don’t. For the first time in my life I know what it’s like to feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning.

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Natrol 5-HTP Plus Mood & Relaxation 100 mg., 150 Time Release Tablets

Availability: 5 in stock