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  • 900 mg. Plant Sterols And Stanols per Serving
  • Take 2 Softgels Twice Daily With Water at Your Two Largest Meals
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6 reviews for Nature Made CholestOFF Plus, 210 Softgels

  1. M. Shepard

    I was advised by a Vanderbilt Hospital dietician that I could reduce my cholesterol via two rather painless methods:1. Eat cooked oatmeal once a day (I add fruit).2. Take Nature Made CholestrolOffPlus before each meal containing cholesterol.This combination resulted in lowering my bad cholesterol (LDL) by 30 points within 30 days…yes 30 days ! The balance of my diet remained the same…that being not really cholesterol focused. I have been taking the Nature Made CholestrolOffPlus for over a year and my LDL has remained in the “sixties” for the last 15 months.

  2. B. Townsend

    Seems different folks have different responses to this product. My liver hates statins so my doc suggested this. All I can say is my 6 month trial of 2 capsules before dinner dropped my cholesterol 50 points. I started fish oil and niacin several years ago but the cholesterol hardly budged. Adding the Cholestoff daily did the trick. They are big, honkin’ sized but they work for me so I’m keeping it in my plan. Maybe twice a day would be better but swallowing two capsules before my main meal is all I can do….did I mention the size?

  3. K. Barker

    Heart disease runs in my family so my doctor keeps a close eye on my cholesterol. In September, my total cholesterol was 224 (should be less than 200), and my LDL was 133 (should be less than 130). I took CholestOff Plus for 3 months and just got my latest blood work results today. My total cholesterol was 194 (30 points lower), and my LDL was 106 (27 points lower)!The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I did improve my diet and I exercised more (so I can’t give CholestOff Plus all the credit). Considering the improvement came in a short time span (3 months), I am very pleased with my results.

  4. E. Charles

    I haven’t had a new blood test yet to check results of cholesterol. It takes 3 to 6 months for an appointment to verify any changes. I keep getting emails to rate this product which requires a blood test. Chill out, until I have time to do this. However, an unexpected benefit has occurred. My blood pressure went down. It went way down (102/50) where I was dizzy. I stopped taking the product for a week and my blood pressure went back up to 140/85 which is a little high but not bad. Then I took 2 capsules instead of 4 and now my blood pressure is averaging 130/78 and I’m not dizzy. The verdict is still out on the cholesterol but my blood pressure is great.

  5. P. Carlson

    I have been using this product for years and recommend it frequently. After trying a variety of statins, which raised my blood glucose significantly and caused lots of side effects (everything from rashes to aching joints and muscle cramps) I started using this and got much better results than I had from Lipitor, Zocor, or anything else, all with zero side effects. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  6. M. Conway

    My cholesterol in april was 226. For the last 6 months, I have closely watched my cholesterol intake. Whenever I ate cholesterol rich food, I preceded the meal with 2 Cholest-Off pills. My cholesterol reading is down to 169 after 6 months of Cholest-Off. Eating out is easy; I carry a supply of the pills in my change purse and take two just after ordering my meal. I have never taken a prescription medicine to lower my cholesterol. Cholest-Off was a last ditch attempt to lower my numbers. Cholest-Off has worked for me….good luck to you too.

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