Nature Made Extra Strength Vitamin D3 125 mcg, 150 Gummies

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  • 150 Day Suppy Of Vitamin D3 5000 IU (125 mcg)
  • Serving Size is One Gummy a Day
  • No Artificial Flavors, Gluten Free, No Color Added

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8 reviews for Nature Made Extra Strength Vitamin D3 125 mcg, 150 Gummies

  1. D. Bond

    My doctor wanted me to increase my calcium and Vitamin D significantly but not so high that I required a prescription. It has been difficult to find vitamins that had the higher strength per table. Most labels said that I would need to take multiple tablets to reach my goal. This product matched my need and the gummies are pretty danged yummy.

  2. M. Leblanc

    Husband and I take these gummies (NatureMade brand) regularly and have done so for a few years because the studies have shown how important D3 is to the immune system. It is always difficult to rate the effects and/or quality of supplements because we can only do so anecdotally. However, I get annual physicals, and my Vitamin D level is always within range–I assume the NatureMade D3 gummies contribute to that. Price is always good at , which is our go-to store for these.

  3. K. Palmer

    I have low vitamin D levels and having to take pills 4 x a day with food was distracting and often forgotten or not taken at all…so when I saw this and only 2 delicious gummies a day it was a no brainer! The item arrived within a week. Thanks !

  4. B. Fields

    They’re more tough and not as flavorful as the other gummies option, but they are more accurate in dose amount. This is 1 gummie a day instead of 2 like the competition, so way better price point and more vitamin D.

  5. M. Boyd

    I bought this 3 days after a low Vitamin D lab. I could not bring up my blood levels for the life of me with gelcaps or liquid. But changing my dose to this one has been a lifesaver! Went from a 22.7 to 45 in 6 weeks.. (30-90 range)So this has been a life saver for someone which a condition of chronic low vit D

  6. A. Ellison

    Easy to take and only one gummy needed, which means one bottle lasts for 150 days! I tolerated this medication very well, when other sources of Vit D have caused stomach upset.

  7. K. Bowers

    Since I take quite a few vitamins, I find gummies are quite a nice diversion. They taste like gummie bears. Yummy

  8. C. Ruiz

    Good taste. Excellent quality.

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Nature Made Extra Strength Vitamin D3 125 mcg, 150 Gummies