Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil 1400 mg, 130 Coated Softgels

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  • 1400 mg of Fish Oil Provides 980 mg of Omega-3
  • Odorless, Coated to Minimize Fish Burps
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8 reviews for Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil 1400 mg, 130 Coated Softgels

  1. L. Wise

    My doctor specifically recommended these fish oil tablets. I have been taking them for several years and they have worked great at raising my HDL (good cholesterol). I take 3 tablets a day. I can’t stand to eat fish and hate the fishy burps. At my doctor’s suggestion I keep these coated tablets in the freezer and take them while still frozen resulting in no fishy aftertaste. It was very handy to order them online with the free shipping. They arrived quite fast, and I was able to avoid a trip to my local and the long lines.

  2. C. Peterson

    I have been battling high cholesterol for a long time. I have also tried many different fish oils including Kirkland brands. I will admit that my diet isn’t the greatest but since I started taking Nature’s Bounty 1400mg, my lab results are so much better. My tri’s were cut in half and my LDL is now within range. My HDL still is a little low but better than the last labs. I highly recommend this brand. When searching for Fish Oil, pay attention to the EPA and DHA. The combined of this brand is 900 per serving. It’s very important to read the “per serving” as some will say 2 servings so it’s actually only half for 1 serving. I take 2 of these a day so I am getting 1800 mg of Omega’s. I hope this makes sense.

  3. D. Pugh

    Works fantastic to raise good cholesterol and drops my triglycerides to lower ranges. I went from triglycerides of 750 to 140. No fishy after taste.

  4. B. Vega

    The ratios that medical people look for are minimums and this product meets or exceeds those numbers.I have an illness requiring a lot of medications and supplements, so any time I can find one that requires or suggests fewer doses and meets the minimums I give it a try.Have been using this for several months with no negative change in blood work results. A winner in my book

  5. G. Lyons

    Almost no PMS symptoms. A calmer frame of mind. A more positive attitude. Little to no brain fog. And I’ve been taking one per day for about three weeks. Do internet searches: fish oil and brain fog, fish oil and PMS despression. I just did because I wasn’t quite sure if fish oil was really helping me conquer these annoyances, and the info. is there. I’m excited to see if these very positive effects continue!

  6. K. Zuniga

    I bought this item to lower my cholesterol and especially my triglyceride levels. I do not eat much fish if at all. So I thought I would try and after a year of one pill per day I have had amazing results. It cut my triglyceride level in half and brought my total cholesterol level way down also. My doctor cannot believe my results and neither can I. You must take with food or you will not like the result. I will take this stuff forever now.

  7. F. Davenport

    I purchased the product about two months ago. I have not checked triglycerides and cholestorol (blood tests) since taking this product. However, the aforementioned not withstanding, I have experienced maximum joint relief throughout my body. This is important as I am an avid physical fitness person at age 66. If blood tests validate my feeling of well-being by indicating low numbers, then this product can be considered near perfect.

  8. S. Zavala

    I called Nature’s Bounty to find out where the fish in this product comes from. After giving them the lot number on bottle, they told me that it comes from deep, ocean water fish. I asked for them to call me back when they knew what country the fish came from. They called the next day and said the fish came from both Canada and the UK and said that any future bottle of the same product that I purchase should also come from deep water Canadian or UK fish. Purified from contaminants, has a high concentration of EPA, looks like it is naturally enteric coated, and at a great price compared to what you find in health food stores. Don’t know if it gets much better than this!

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Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil 1400 mg, 130 Coated Softgels

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