Nature’s Lab One Daily Multivitamin, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • 21 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO

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8 reviews for Nature’s Lab One Daily Multivitamin, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. C. Flores

    This vitamin is definitely one of the best sold multi-vitamins. The ingredients including Vitamin D and Co-Q10 are the highest dose available, considering you only need 1 capsule daily to cover the broad spectrum of our nutritional needs. One bottle lasts 4 months, and for the fabulous price, it’s a great bargain. Other stores can charge up to triple the price for the same quantity. I purchase and research many vitamin brands, and Nature’s Lab is definitely one of the best vitamins currently on the market. All their products including Tart Cherry and Turmeric use the researched standardized amounts.

  2. M. James

    These are really good multi-vitamins and both my husband and I take them (which is very convenient, too). The problem is the shipping. My last order was placed 3/7 and they arrived 4/1. The order before that had also taken about 2 weeks, so I placed a new order thinking I’d allowed enough time for extra shipping but alas, I ran out before they arrived. I went w/o for 2 weeks because the tracking update kept stating “out for delivery by 7pm”. For some weird reason, UPS was the original shipper and then assigned it to USPS (according to the tracking details). Not sure I will re-order again even though it is a good product at a good price.

  3. L. Bird

    i’ve searched for years for a multi that has the ingredients that i’ve read are important. and in the right quantities. this one is as near to perfection as they come. some complain about calcium. i’m thrilled there isn’t much of this type as it is the form that isn’t known for going to your bones. i’m happy to supplement with my own calcium & magnesium to be able to get rid of so many of the other individual vitamins i used to have to take alone to get their level up to “normal”. please keep this vitamin available!

  4. Y. Silva

    I’ve been taking these for the last 2 months because I suspected I was Vitamin D deficient. Since it has 4000 UI Vitamin D I thought it was a good choice and the added extra ingredients were an added bonus. I’m not one to take vitamins but boy do I feel better I felt an immediate difference the next day! Bones didn’t feel so achy, I felt rested and not as sluggish and over time I’ve noticed my eye sight getting better (an unexpected benefit)!I definitely recommend Nature’s Lab Daily Multi Vitamins and have! My Husband, sister and mom are now taking them too!

  5. K. Rowland

    I am just finishing my first bottle. I have eliminated many of the additional supplements that I was taking by switching to this multi. This capsule is very easy to swallow, which helps in my old age with difficulty swallowing pills. Absolutely no cons for me and many pros. Additional cost of this product is more than offset by my savings on elimination of other supplements.

  6. J. West

    For those concerned about the presence of BARLEY AND RYE, you should reread the specs which clearly state: “Unlike some multivitamins, Nature’s Lab One Daily is free from gluten. The rye and barley present in Nature’s Lab One Daily Multivitamin comes from the preB® Fermented Superfood powder found in the supplement. preB® contains over 50 different fruits, juices, roots, leaves, and seeds that make up this potent superfood, and the most important aspect of this ingredient is that all components are fermented during manufacturing process which INHERENTLY REMOVES allergenicity, including gluten.”

  7. M. Werner

    Found these shopping around for a complete multi-vitamin for my wife. Exhaustive and detailed comparison of vitamins/ingredients included showed these were very balanced and complete; fulfilling even the requirements for my own bariatric vitamin needs at about 35% of the cost.. The one capsule a day is a great benefit. She finds these capsules easy for her to swallow while the large tablets of some other brands are not.We have both been taking them for about 2 weeks and find nothing negative about them. My wife will continue taking these and when I use up my stock of my expensive bariatric vitamins, I will start taking these full time as well.

  8. B. Arnold

    I’m very happy with this vitamin! My doctor told me to use capsule vitamins for better absorption. It’s been a struggle for me to find one that meets my criteria: Vegetarian, Non-GMO, gluten free, no dyes and actually works. This one meets my needs and works! I’ve tried a couple of different vegetarian options and I like this one the best. I’m low in my b vitamins and feel that this vitamin is helping in that area. There isn’t an aftertaste like some vitamins. I hope continues to carry this brand of vitamin as long as they do, I’ll keep buying it!

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Nature’s Lab One Daily Multivitamin, 120 Vegetarian Capsules