Nerf Elite 2.0 Ultimate Blaster 3-pack

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  • Eagle Point RD-8 Blaster
  • Tetrad QS-4 Blaster
  • Trio TD-3 Blaster
  • Detachable Scope and Barrel
  • Recommended Ages: 8+ Years

Get ready for dart-blasting battles with the Nerf Elite 2.0 Ultimate Blaster Pack that includes 3 Nerf Elite 2.0 blasters, 50 Nerf Elite foam darts, detachable scope, and detachable barrel. The blasters are easy to load, prime, and fire, so they’re perfect for first-time Nerf battlers. It’s a great gift set for anyone new to Nerf dart games and for Nerf fans building their blaster collection.


  • Eagle Point RD-8 Blaster: Features an 8-dart rotating drum! Fire 8 darts in a row. Includes bolt action priming, onboard dart storage, 3 tactical rails, and barrel attachment point to attach the barrel.
  • Tetrad QS-4 Blaster:  Features 4-dart blasting! Launch 4 darts in a row from this 4-barrel blaster. Includes pump-action priming and a tactical rail to customize with the attachable scope.
  • Trio TD-3 Blaster:  Blast 3 darts in a row! Features 3 barrels so you can unleash 3 darts in a row. Includes a tactical rail. Attach the scope to the rail to customize for targeting action.  
  • Detachable Scope and Barrel: Customize any of the 3 blasters by attaching the targeting scope to a tactical rail. Attach the barrel to the Eaglepoint RD-8 blaster to create a different blaster style
  • Recommended Ages: 8+ Years
  • Assembly required


  • 3 blasters
  • Bolt
  • Barrel scope
  • 50 darts
  • Instructions.

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Dimensions 24 × 18 × 4 in

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4 reviews for Nerf Elite 2.0 Ultimate Blaster 3-pack

  1. K. Ross

    As other reviewer mentioned, thought the bigger one was missing the crucial pivot bolt, but eventually found it tucked on the inside of the package together is smaller pack of bullets!Also the scope fits on all of the them but the silencer will only fit on the larger one. Over all still decent with given that it comes with a bunch of bullets as well.

  2. M. Stein

    An outstanding value at $13. Fun and all the guns work as they should.

  3. Z. Bean

    I surprised my 18 yr old 2 weeks ago, we’d been seeing commercials often and I’d say how silly, who wants a kids toy, knowing I’d already ordered. You see in first grade all his friends had, played at the park, it was fun watching them play. This set arrived, I told him a box arrived. You’ve gotta see a grown up kid being a kid again, we played for hours on our large lot. Well worth the $$ to me to see my grown up kid being a kid again!

  4. C. George

    My son loves Nerf and we had a lot of fun with these. There is a nice mix of gun types and you get a mini box of ammo in addition to those that are used to fill each of the three guns. The guns are different sizes and load and shoot differently, but all with ease.

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