Pressed Cold-Pressed Juice & Shot Bundle -18 Bottles, 9 Juices & 9 Shots

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  • 9 – 12 oz. Bottles
  • 9 – 2 oz.. Shots
  • No Sugars Added, No Added Water, 100% Fruits and Vegetables
  • Kosher
  • No Preservatives
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Pressed Juicery is on a mission to make high nutrition a realistic option for all. Our cold-pressed juices are made with all-natural fruits and vegetables – no preservatives and no added sugars.

Roots – We’ve blended carrots and beets to create delicious juices for all taste buds-from earthy to sweet! Known for their rich color and sweet flavor, root vegetables contain powerful benefits that promote liver health, fight free radicals, soothe the nervous system, protect your eyesight, and more! Grown deep in the ground, root vegetables absorb high amounts of vitamins and minerals from the soil. They have distinct, earthy flavors and are packed with fiber and complex carbohydrates, which help the body to break down sugar.

Citrus Juices – Our citrus blend is refreshing, hydrating and crisp. It contains ingredients like lemon and mint that are known to stimulate and alkalize the system, aid in digestion, and provide a pick-me-up when you’re feeling down.

Green Juices – Made from the freshest, highest-quality green vegetables we can find, our green juice is a simple and easy addition to a healthy lifestyle. Leafy green vegetables are known for their antioxidants, phytonutrients, as well as enhancing oxygen transport and serving as a natural source of energy. Our green juice is perfectly blended so you never have to compromise taste for nutrition.

Shots – Our shots pack a powerful punch of fresh pressed ingredients that you can feel working! Throw one back for a quick pick-me-up or pour over your favorite juice for an extra boost of flavor.

  • Cold pressed juice and shots
  • All natural fruits and vegetables
  • No sugars added
  • No preservatives
  • High-pressured processed (HPP)
  • Kosher
  • Individually labeled
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Includes 3 greens with ginger, 3 spicy roots, 3 sweet citrus, 3 wellness shots, 3 vitality shots, 3 elderberry shots

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5 reviews for Pressed Cold-Pressed Juice & Shot Bundle -18 Bottles, 9 Juices & 9 Shots

  1. I. Kidd

    Product and packaging was great! Drinks were nice and cold and it seems like the juices last a decent amount of time based on the expiration date. Did this as a cleanse. I drank 3 large juices and 3 small juices everyday for 3 days and I lost 6lbs. They keep you pretty full since it’s so many juices. The immunity shot might upset your stomach since it’s a lemon,ginger and cayenne shot. Would definitely recommend and will probably order this again down the line.

  2. M. Cruz

    This was my first Pressed Juicery’s Cold-Pressed Juice & Shot Bundle. I’ve tried some pretty gross tasting healthy juices before and these were a bit challenging. The juices are as thin as water, which was a bit of a surprise. I was expecting something a bit different. The Strength one with the dried botanicals was my least favorite. It had a strong taste of what I’m assuming was the chlorella and I just had to drink quickly to get it over with.This was an easy and fairly inexpensive way to give a juice cleanse a try. I can’t believe some people can do this for three days, it would take a tremendous amount of willpower that I simply do not have. That said, I may do it again in the future.

  3. C. Dillon

    I have never done a Juice Cleanse but got this to try like a cleanse. I don’t need to lose weight but used to clean the system. It worked great. Drinking the juice took away hunger pains. Didn’t think I could last 3 days but I did. And believe me, I have high metabolism and like to eat. Feel leaner and cleaner and clothes fit better. All 3 tasted great. The Greens was very similar to one we make at home. Beet one was great and liked the Citrus best. Shots were good in between. The Wellness will definitely wake you up in the morning with the cayenne and ginger. Little tough to swallow but effective.

  4. C. Doyle

    I really enjoyed trying these juices for the first time. Some were too sweet though, so I had to dilute them (greens with ginger and sweet citrus). The ones with ginger (the shot and the roots with ginger) were extremely strong, and the elderberry shot I decided to combine it with other fresh ingredients. I think my favorite were the turmeric shots and the sweet citrus after dilution. I will probably buy from the actual store next time, but this was a great way to try new cold presses. Thank you

  5. T. Mccall

    the juice was packed really well and it shipped complete in and impressive refrigerated carton. the juice itself was not everything i had hoped for because even the greens and ginger were in a base of apple juice. i would recommend getting familiar with the juice blends prior to ordering. i used suja organics juice as a basis for comparison, and i definitely prefer suja. obviously this is a very subjective review because i just didn’t care for the flavours. as far as order fulfilment, packaging etc. goes my experience was good.

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Pressed Cold-Pressed Juice & Shot Bundle -18 Bottles, 9 Juices & 9 Shots