Pure Alaska Omega-3 500 mg. EPA+DHA, 180 Softgels

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  • Wild Caught, Certified Sustainable
  • Made in the USA
  • One per Day Mini Softgel

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7 reviews for Pure Alaska Omega-3 500 mg. EPA+DHA, 180 Softgels

  1. R. Mcgee

    These capsules are smaller than most fish oil capsules, making them easier to swallow. (They are not as small as the Mega Red Krill Oil, though.) I wish they stocked them in the warehouse (our warehouse used to stock them, but they disappeared about 6 months ago).

  2. T. Mathis

    My husband and I have been looking for a fish oil softgel small enough for us to swallow it…this is it! Also, even though it does not say it is enteric, there we have no “fish burps.”

  3. L. Orr

    One thing to always look out for when buying wish oil, is to make sure the EPA & DHA mg equals the total on the the label (e.g. label states 1000 mg, the sum EPA & DHA should equal 1000) If it does not equal the total on the label. The difference of the two numbers could be anything from filler, to un-guarenteed analysis oil. Also, ocean caught fish can have a high concentration of mercury. So it’s important to buy a product that is ‘pole-caught’ or sustainable sourced (especially if pregnant). Serving size in one pill, so I bought two to last me the whole year, and crossing my fingers it’s available next year. No gross fish burps, or aftertaste, just an awesome product!

  4. C. Garza

    I wrote a popular book on fish oil, and to find a fish oil this pure and concentrated, at such a great price, sustainably harvested, is really amazing. With fish oil, ultra-refined is best because it removes contaminants. It also means less fishy burps and less capsules to take. I’m so glad I’m a member–this product alone would make it worth it. I only wish they would offer it again in their warehouses.

  5. E. Small

    I start d taking Omega 3 supplements when my doctor told me about it as my triglyceride levels were much too high. The most available milligram supplements in stores is 1000mg and that is what I started taking. I eventually statred suffering from repeated burping (something I only occasionally had in the past…now all day long) and uncomfortable heartburn. My triglycerides were reduced but then I had to be prescribed Omeprazole for heartburn and burping.After doing some research I found that the Omega 3 was giving me the problems I was experiencing. I quit taking the 1000mg supplements and eventually the problems lessened. I discovered the Pure Alaska Omega 3 product in the 500 mg at and gave it a try. For me I experienced none of the symptoms I had with the 1000mg. Products.I am now benefiting from this product with normal triglyceride levels and no heartburn, burping or fishy breath! If you have had similar problems with Omega 3 1000mg products I suggest you try the lower dose that Pure Alaska offers. It is now only available from online.

  6. B. Fields

    Since I am allergic to statins my Cardiogist suggest I try Pure Alaska Omega-3 1,000mg per day. It was better than than anything I’d every tried. No pain in my legs and of course I could get out of bed and walk. pled my levels went down. But the best part was they were smaller and there was no fishy smell or burping. Trust me I would have sent them back immediately or thrown them in the trash!

  7. H. Fry

    This is the highest quality fish oil I have ever taken. My cholesterol test just came back and my numbers are the lowest I have ever seen. No after-taste or burping thanks to the esters formulation.

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Pure Alaska Omega-3 500 mg. EPA+DHA, 180 Softgels

Availability: 15 in stock