Pure Hawaiian Spirulina 3000 mg., 360 Tablets

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  • 3-A-Day Formula
  • 3000 mg. per Serving
  • 100% Pure Natural Spirulina Grown in Hawaii
  • 100% Vegan, Non-GMO

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7 reviews for Pure Hawaiian Spirulina 3000 mg., 360 Tablets

  1. D. Rios

    Fantastic supplement…….I take numerous supplements daily ( I have HASHIMOTO ), however this is the core of my regime. The benefits are too long to list in this review. If you want to increase your overall wellness, improve your appearance and have a natural glow to your skin…..you really need THIS . A friend of mine told me about Spirulina, 4 years ago. Since than I’ve been taking every single day 3 tabletsIf you want to be in great shape, take spirulina you would be in GREAT shape.Pure Hawaiian Spirulina – 500mg tablets 400 count – Boosts Energy and Supports Immunity – Vegan, Non GMO – Natural Superfood Grown in Hawaii

  2. L. Erickson

    I have had knee problems that I never went to the doctor for. Some days I would need a cane to get around. I tried Move Free Advanced and it only helped a little. My wife found this product and wanted to try it so I bought some and the relief was amazing. Within 1 week, I saw mobility improvements. After a month I was able to start working out again. Now after 2 full bottles worth of using this product as instructed, I have very little knee issues and have my confidence back in my knee to be able to exercise and enjoy life. I haven’t used a cane in a long time. Remember that once you open the bottle, keep it refrigerated!!

  3. M. Robles

    Spirulina is labeled a super food. The space astronauts took this up to space to grow it because of the many nutrients offered by the blue-green algae organism. It drives down bad cholesterol and triglicerides. It boosts anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory responses in the body. It may prevent oral cancer. It may reduce blood pressure. It may help with strength and endurance levels. Overall, I decided to give this a try because of all the great benefits listed above. I just reordered it on sale, too. Do your own research and give it a try! You will find this brand is grown in Hawaii with exceptional purity.

  4. A. Gates

    My husband started taking this product 9 months ago after doing much research on ways to reduce his high cholesterol. He’d been encouraged by his physician for 2 years about his need to start taking statins to reduce his cholesterol and was hesitant due to the terrible side effects associated them. After taking this supplement for 3 months he had his labs done once again and his cholesterol had lowed by over 100 points and his blood sugar was leveled out as well. This supplement is truly amazing and now my entire family takes them as part of our supplement regimen.

  5. S. Cisneros

    This is an excellent product at a reasonable price. I am glad that is now carrying it. It is not listed as organic but for all intents and purposes is organic, they are not allowed to use the USDA Organic label due to their use of Chilean nitrate used to grow the spirulina as this is not considered to be organic (compost or manure are the growing agents considered to be organic). The Chilean nitrate is not a synthetic fertilizer though. The use of compost and manure would increase the content of bacteria and heavy metals so that it the company’s thought on not using them. It is still pesticide, herbicide, and gmo-free. It is also a USA product.

  6. A. Ward

    Go ahead! Try to find this spirulina elsewhere at a better price. Good luck! I’m a fanatic about having my blood tested. I’m an old guy. Blood glucose was recently outside of the normal range for me. Cholesterol has NEVER been in an optimal range for me, nor have triglycerides; that is, until I took this. Don’t take MY word for it. You’re on a computer right now. Just look up: “Health Benefits of Spirulina” There. I even put it in quotes for you. Copy and paste it into your favorite search engine. Final note. I don’t even “shop” anymore. If sells it, then that’s where I buy it.

  7. G. Dickson

    This product has had a noticeable improvement on both my eyesight and my IBS. I can now tolerate things that would make me very sick like gluten containing food. In the last 12 months the state of my GI health has deteriorated so badly that I could only tolerate rice, tofu, berries, and light spices like salt and pepper. I am satisfied with the quality of the product as well as the value offered from . They have this item cheaper than the manufacturer with FREE shipping. I hope will continue to carry this product because in the current standing it’s a little too good to be true.

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Pure Hawaiian Spirulina 3000 mg., 360 Tablets

Availability: 15 in stock