Pyrex 10-piece Ultimate Glass Food Storage Set

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  • See-Through Glass Lids with Silicone Rims
  • Lid is Air-Tight and Leak-Resistant
  • Dishwasher, Freezer, Microwave and Pre-Heated Oven Safe

This ultimate glass food storage is designed to store food in the refrigerator or freezer, reheat it in the oven or microwave and serve it with casual style and an easy clean up. Its preheated-oven-safe glass and silicone lid seals tightly and lets you see the contents from every angle. Sleek and sophisticated design perfect for any occasion.


  • (1) 7-cup covered round storage dish
  • (1) 4-cup covered round storage dish
  • (1) 2-cup covered round storage dish
  • (1) 6-cup covered rectangle storage dish
  • (1) 3-cup covered rectangle storage dish

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Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11.5 × 4.5 in

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Pyrex 10-piece Ultimate Glass Food Storage Set

  1. J. Sanchez

    This is my 4th set ive purchased. I originally bought this brand because i researched all glass Tupperware and i was quite surprised how this was truly safe for me to use even down to the silcone. I even contacted Pyrex and did not leach any chemicals that would harm my health and my family. Ive been using this Tupperware the last year and it is honestly one of my favorite things in the kitchen. Easy to clean and perfect size for everything. I highly recommend.

  2. D. Watkins

    I was excited to buy this new Pyrex glass storage containers, because I really like Pyrex quality and only buy glass storage containers.Compared to the “Snap Lid” Pyrex glass storage containers, I was a little disappointed, because the lids are a press fit and it’s hard to know when the lid is fully pressed in. It sounds strange, but I spent wat too much time trying to know when the lid was properly closed. The “Snap Lid” containers are so much easier to close quickly and securely.

  3. N. Johns

    I recently transitioned all my plastic food storage containers to glass. Initially, I had purchased another brand from another retailer , and although it was inexpensive ,the flimsy quality of the lids and the quantity over quality issue resulted in a return. I own some vintage Pyrex pieces so Im happy I chose this Pyrex set with its unique and well fitted lids , yes they are a bit pricier, but had the best deal for this particular set, compared to other retailers who offered the same at a much higher cost. and their delivery process was excellent!

  4. E. Dawson

    I bought 2 sets because of the lids. The lids exceeded my expectations. They keep leftover food smells from mixing in the refrigerator as an added bonus I found that they prevent condensation in the food container. I grated too much mozzarella cheese on pizza night, normally we would have to use it within a few days, I stored it in the large rectangular container and to my surprise seven days later, it was as fresh as the day I grated it, with 0% condensation. They are a little expensive, in my opinion worth the price. I did try to purchase only the lids at the pyrex store, however they did not have any, I am hoping that they will continue to manufacture these quality lids.

  5. C. Villa

    They are heavy, expensive, and without question the best of the best. We were reasonably pleased with Rubbermaid Brilliance for a couple years but wanted to move away from plastic. It’s extremely convenient to go from fridge to oven in the same container. The lids on these are a major step up from the last iteration with the “switch” type vent we also have. I spent some time on the fence and ultimately wish I bought them earlier. If you need some encouragement, go check the price on Pyrex’s website.

  6. K. Zuniga

    Like the lids. Nice set of different sizes. Lids match older pyrex containers. Wish one could by extra lids to replace old all-plastic broken ones.

  7. P. Quinn

    Love this glass Pyrex! I formerly had the kind with the snap tops. The snap top ones tend to get food caught in the rim and can get moldy if you aren’t careful, plastic top can stain and I’ve had the snap tabs break off over time, but these silicone/glass tops are made in such a way that prevents all these issues and they have a better seal. They have an excellent seal that prevents leaks with chili and soups.

  8. K. Roberson

    Love Pyrex containers. Great quality. Took off one star because the white on the lid stains easily. I stored pasta sauce in one and the lid is already stained a faint red color

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Pyrex 10-piece Ultimate Glass Food Storage SetPyrex 10-piece Ultimate Glass Food Storage Set