Qunol Liquid 100 mg., 30.4 Ounces

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  • Orange Pineapple Flavor
  • Gluten Free and Sugar Free

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8 reviews for Qunol Liquid 100 mg., 30.4 Ounces

  1. A. Horton

    I have a hyperthyroidism and the medication I’m taking to stop my thyroid from making too much hormone, makes me tired and irritable. And yes my heart rate has slowed and this makes me feel tired. Taking this just today I noticed improvement in about two hours. I have energy, calmness, tightness in my neck and left shoulder are feeling better, not 100 percent but I feel this product is doing something. I workout every day and ride my bike a few days a week. I was looking for a product to give me more energy so I’m glad I stopped to listen to the demo about this great product. Hopefully I will see better lab results next week and no longer need to take medication. That’s my goal.

  2. R. Gallegos

    It astonishes me that people complain about the taste. What it does in your body is what matters. People don’t stop taking it after receiving its benefits just because the taste is different. I didn’t like the old taste … sucralose is a nasty taste to me and it’s not good for anybody. Now, it has a natural sweetner, monk fruit juice concentrate. Plus we got a bigger bottle, an extra month for same price as the old bottle was regular price. No more leg cramps. No more muscle spasms. No more peeling my fingers and thumbs off the steering wheel after 30 minutes. Can’t wait for my test results for cholesterol!

  3. A. Spence

    I was passing by a demonstrator and not actually considering the product at all when I heard the keyword “leg cramps”. I stopped in my tracks and walked back to have demonstrator explain more about it. I was convinced enough to buy it. My first night using it I still had cramps, so on my second night I increased the dosage. I slept the whole night for the first time in days with NO cramps. I am amazed as I have been trying, pickle juice, Potassium, Magnesium, Tonic water, Himalayan salt, all with minimal to no helpful effects.This CoQ10 product has gave me a great nights sleep. And I actually very much like the flavor!

  4. A. Cowan

    While shopping at they were handing out samples and a lady customer told me this stuff saved her husband’s life. At the time I was having severe arthritic type symptoms that I believed were being caused by the Zocor that I was taking for my high cholesterol and not real arthritis. When I got down on the ground to work in the garden I could not use my lower body to stand back up and would have to maneuver into a position where I could use my arm strength to get up. Daily use of COQ10 his completely cured this condition. My now 97 year old mother was also suffering the same symptoms so bad that she had to use a walker. I began buying this for her and she no longer uses a walker.

  5. S. Schwartz

    My new boss said she was going to teach me every thing I needed to know about bookkeeping. I happened to see a demo in about the product. After using it that week I ordered two more bottled. That was 1 year ago. It energized me, making me more mentally alert and engaged. I feel the effects of mental dullness should I skip my 2oz in the morning. This is more than every thing in the demo. I’m 67 and starting a total mentally demanding change in my career was demanding and a hugh challenge, but I must still work. This product was an amazing asset for me to take on this steep learning curve which was very overwbelmimg at times.

  6. K. Rowe

    After suffering muscle and joint pain to the point of limited mobility, it was revealed to me that the cause was statin. I had been taking a very low dosage (10 mcg) for about three years, and unknown to me, the cause was statin. My in-law experienced the identical problem and began taking this liquid CoQ10 with gradual to complete relief. I, now have been taking this product (4 ounces per day for almost two months and I’m beginning to get results. Thank you for the wonderful product. I wish you could find a way to alert all people taking a statin that the muscle and joint pain can be offset if taking this product along with the statin.

  7. R. Weaver

    This product (Qunol Liquid CoQ10) has become a necessity for me every morning as part of my routine. Just a tiny amount energizes me and gets me ready for the day. I started taking it just for the CoQ10 and didn’t realize it also gives an energy boost. My heart feels healthier, it wakes me up and I feel I can take on anything that comes my way. It elevates me to a new plane of existence every morning and I have to have my shot before I do anything else. It’s a natural healthy boost and great for your heart. I take a statin at night for cholesterol which robs my system of CoQ10 and this is a great way to replenish it first thing in the morning!

  8. A. Mercado

    First and foremost I’m an RN and very much active with my health. I have been on prescribed medication to help lower my cholesterol. As of this review, I’m off prescribed meds for the last year. I first started with the pill forms about 8 months ago and take it regularly. I saw this liquid product and decided to try this, Just easier to take. My lab results are getting better. I told my MD about this product and he was happy to say to stay on it. Because it is working. I’m just over 50 and live a regular everyday life no crazy diets or exercises. Yep and a little overweight too. LOL, This is my own honest review.

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Qunol Liquid 100 mg., 30.4 Ounces

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