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7 reviews for RapidBrow Eyebrow Serum, 2-pack

  1. A. Ramos

    Absolutely works! I used the first one (it was a two-pack when I bought it) twice a day, as directed. Now on the second and only use it a couple times a week. Many compliments. My eyebrows are thicker AND darker. No new grays either. Be careful to only apply to your eyebrows themselves: I am getting a small amount of growth below them as well; many would pluck this but I’m gonna leave it. My eyebrows are now very youthful, haha.I bought the RapidLash at the same time and am using per directions, once a day before bed. Still on first wand and only just starting to see longer, fuller lashes. The RapidBrow is far more impactful than the RapidLash.

  2. H. Hardin

    This really works. Give it about 3 weeks to kick in and then suddenly one day you will look in the mirror and see darker, fuller brows. This 60 year old started to have thinning brows about 3 years ago. I was using brow pencil and brushed on gel to create fuller brows but no longer need to do this. I was not an “over-plucker” in my younger days; just age has taken its liberties. Even though this is expensive, it is cheaper than at other beauty stores. Yes, seems like there is very little in the tube, but trust me it does work when applied religiously morning and night on clean brows. I give 4 stars for the high cost and seemingly little product for the money.

  3. L. Hoover

    As with RapidLash, I was very pleasantly surprised at the new growth I’ve had in my brows. My natural hair color is grey so I didn’t expect my brows to come in darker and they didn’t. I’ve definitely had some growth and it took a bit longer as I have only been using the product faithfully once a day. This will be my second order and I’m going to try to be more consistent to see if I can get a couple of stubborn spots to come in. As I mentioned, my brows seemed to have grown in much lighter than when I was younger, so I have them died when I have my hair done – even my hairdresser noticed the growth!!! I’m very happy with this product!

  4. M. Whitaker

    I started using this product on Jan. 25, 2018 and now I’m really mad that I didn’t take a before picture I started to document the results!! Because of a low thyroid, I lost 2/3 of my eyebrows about twenty years ago. I started using this on my brows and within the first month saw eyebrow hair where I hadn’t seen it in decades!! Jump ahead to now (almost 6 months) I have easily doubled the density of what I had and have roughly 85-90% of my eyebrows back. Now I’m just filling in where the growth is still happening, instead of drawing on 2/3 of my eyebrows every morning!! I honestly thought the hair would never grow there again!! Highly recommend this product!!

  5. M. Burton

    I overplucked for years and had some really horrible wax jobs. My eyebrows were disappearing before my eyes. Only the top part existed and they were so thin. I had to start penciling in my brows just to look normal and I really hated it because I used to have such thick brows. I bought this thinking that I had nothing to lose. I am so happy that I did! It is truly amazing!!! I have consistently taken photos but the difference is so evident. I’m so excited! I use it every morning and when I don’t fall asleep first at night. This has literally been the BEST beauty product I have ever bought!

  6. M. Ortiz

    I’ve been using this for a little under 8 weeks now and have noticed a substantial improvement in my eyebrows. For reasons unknown to me (I don’t remember doing anything to them, and I have plenty of hair everywhere else), the outer edges of my eyebrows started to thin when I was about 10. Within a week, I noticed the existing hairs getting thicker and longer, and slowly but surely, little hairs are appearing to fill bald patches. While my eyebrows still aren’t as gloriously bushy as the rest of my family’s, at least they look a lot better than they did, and hopefully continuing to use the product will continue to make them grow.

  7. M. Conley

    I use RapidLash on my lashes and have been amazed how how much longer my lashes grew, so decided to try RapidBrow. Even with my lash success, I was skeptical, since my eyebrows are very sparse and there were NO hairs on the outer half. In fact, I hadn’t had any hairs growing there for years and years. I used the product twice daily and didn’t see much improvement for quite a while, then at about 8 weeks I realized how much thicker my eyebrows were – and yes! There were hairs on the outer parts of my brows. I still do some filling in with pencil and powder because I like a full brow, but the RapidBrow has made a huge difference.

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