RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum 0.1 fl oz, 2-pack

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  • (2) 0.1 fl oz Serum
  • Protects Against Breakage
  • Nourishes and Moisturizes
  • Daily Application for Healthier-looking Lashes

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum 0.1 fl oz, 2-pack

  1. A. Stokes

    I love this stuff! I already have pretty long eyelashes but decided to try this stuff out to see if I could get them longer. I can’t recall how long it took until I started receiving compliments on my eyelashes. People were asking me what I was using on my eyelashes because it was obvious they were longer than normal. Even when I was lazy and only using it once or twice a week I still saw a difference. It seemed to plateau after awhile but then again I wasn’t very consistent. The main downside is that it goes away once you start using it but compared to the other products on the market it’s VERY affordable.

  2. M. Winters

    I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to over the counter remedies. I really didn’t think this would work. But after 2 months I have to admit that it really does. I use it on my brows and lashes. I’m 61 and over plucked my brows decades ago, when thin brows were in, so I ended up with tadpole brows. Now they are filling in. I will never have that fashionable arched brow, but they are becoming what I’m told is a “boy brow.” My lashes are also getting longer. What’s interesting is that even though I only apply it to my top lashes, my bottom lashes are also getting longer…almost as long now as the top lashes were before I started this.

  3. E. Reed

    I gave one of the boxes to my daughter and kept one for me. She has been more consistent and has seen better results because of it, I’ve missed a couple weeks due to camping and work. Her results are great! Longer and fuller lashes in 4 weeks. Even with my inconsistency, I have seen results as well with increased fullness so I know with more consistency I will get the results my daughter is seeing. I appreciate the price-point that made me willing to give it a try- we will keep using it going forward. My understanding is you can drop back usage to a few time a week to maintain, which brings the overall costs even lower.

  4. K. Love

    THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS! Used to have great lashes, then made mistake of having lash extensions which pulled out my natural lashes & left me with barely any & what little I had left were super, super short, not even long enough to use mascara. Used this stuff & noticed a difference within just under a month. With continued use, my lashes are back & long & have filled in nicely. Have used for about a couple years & can’t live without it. Quit using for 6 months, noticed lashes weren’t as nice as when I was using it, so now I am using it again and LOVE MY LASHES! PLEASE DON’T EVERY STOP CARRYING THIS GREAT PRODUCT, !

  5. S. Sawyer

    Not a fervent long eyelash enthusiast, but tried different products to grow eyelashes. SMARTLASH didn’t work. DHC eyelash tonic worked a bit, then stopped working. RapidLash is real magic. I bought the pack during Thanksgiving promotion. Eyelashes just grow crazily since. At the beginning, I applied it just at the root of eyelashes. And started two weeks ago, I began applying it not only to the root, but also to them. Yeah, just like applying mascara, use it to the eyelashes themselves. You’ll notice what I’m saying. And ask your husband, he can tell too. Mine did. It makes so happy that I come back to the website to write this…

  6. N. Greene

    I have very sensitive skin and have wanted to try a product like this but was always afraid my eyes would swell shut. I got brave and thought I would give this a try because some reviews said they were surprised that the product didn’t bother their eyes. I started using it exactly one month ago today and it has not irritated my eyes at all…and…wait for it…my lashes are longer than I ever thought possible. I cannot stop looking at them. My lashes have always been stubby and thin. Now they are much, much longer and starting to thicken up. Love this product and am so happy I overcame my fear and tried it.

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RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum 0.1 fl oz, 2-pack

Availability: 5 in stock