RoC Retinol Correxion Day Cream with SPF 30 & Vitamin C Serum, 2-pack

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  • (2) 1.38 fl oz Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30
  • (1) Bonus 0.33 fl oz Vitamin C Serum
  • Instantly and Deeply Hydrates

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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for RoC Retinol Correxion Day Cream with SPF 30 & Vitamin C Serum, 2-pack

  1. M. Calhoun

    I’ve been using this product for years, and loved that carried it. I especially appreciate that it works very well as a sunscreen too. I’m basing this on my extensive travel to intensely sunny areas like Africa and South America, where I could tell that the portions of my skin where I did not use this product were burned. I am basing its sunscreen efficacy on its lack of obvious reddening from the sun, but I can’t vouch for its total benefit if this is not evidence of effectiveness. Of course, it’s also great as a ‘wrinkle cream’ and I think it’s probably kept my skin from wrinkling faster than it would have with out it, although that’s difficult to detect since I have been using it. I have seen a slowing of the speed of wrinkling, so that’s evidence. The reason I like it for sunscreen also is because I don’t want to use multiple products on my face, and the texture of this is great too.

  2. B. Mahoney

    I have gone back and forth about giving this only two stars. It seems like a good combination of ingredients and it was nice on my skin the one time I used it, but the strong perfume essentially makes this unusable. I can’t use it, so it was a waste of money. Apart from the smell being irritating, it makes you smell like you have been hanging out in a perfume department. It is strong, persistent, and definitely noticeable to those around you. It may be a fine product for some, but my opinion is the company messed this one up. And I messed up by making an impulse purchase in the store. Don’t buy if you don’t want to be very fragrant.

  3. R. Strickland

    This has been a nice addition to my face care regiment. I bought the night cream and it’s easy to use and leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. I am not so sure about the Vitamin C Serum as it comes in a clear bottle and feels like oil. I am afraid it will clog my pores.

  4. Z. Elliott

    I called the company to find out how to use their products. Although this is a great price, I was told that anything with Vit C, the serum, should never be used with Retinol, the moisturizers. They both can be used but not on the same day, and Vit C should be used on younger skin only.

  5. A. Mccoy

    I did notice positive changes in my skin (lines are not as deep) after using this product for past year. After cleaning skin at night, I apply the night cream with retinol. In AM I do the same using the day cream with sun block. I also use the Vit C serum.

  6. D. Kennedy

    I went to a dermatologist for a suggested annual skin exam. I am 73. First off, the dermatologist asked me what product I used because my skin looked great. Guess it’s working!

  7. T. Tanner

    I’m constantly trying new face creams. I find myself going back to this one every time. Happy is carrying it again. I really do not like the new tube tho. You have to put lid back on in a hurry because cream keeps coming out. Prefer old tube.

  8. E. Cabrera

    I have been using this for years and ai love it. stopped selling it so I have been using something else but I noticed my skin did not look as good. Then I found it again on .com. My skin looked brighter after just a couple of days. I hope they start selling it I. The stores again!!!

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