Ruta Maya Decaffeinated Coffee 2.2 lb, 2-pack

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  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Dark Roast
  • USDA Organic
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We decaffeinate our organic beans using the “Swiss Water Process,” wherein nature’s elements of water, temperature, and time are favored over chemicals and solvents, preserving the most flavor possible.

Shade-grown 100% Arabica beans, certified USDA organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Cultivated by a cooperative of Maya Indian farmers in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.


  • 2 lb. bag
  • 2-pack
  • Total net weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated
  • Decaffeinated Dark Roast Coffee
  • Certified Organic
  • 100% Arabica, shade grown beans
  • From the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico

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Weight 4.4 lbs
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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Ruta Maya Decaffeinated Coffee 2.2 lb, 2-pack

  1. D. Deleon

    I have been ordering this decaf for a few years now and will continue to do so. It arrives smelling so freshly roasted and the freshness lasts really well. It is a dark roast and from what I’ve read recently, the darker the roast the more the health benefits from the coffee and that goes for decaf as well as regular. I grind my own beans and add about 30% regular for the morning brew. That ratio gives me a little kick to get started on my day without the jitters or heart palpitations of full strength regular coffee. For later daytime or evening coffees, I use straight decaf and whatever the small amount of caffeine in it is, it is so small it doesn’t interfere with my sleep.

  2. C. Dodson

    I order coffee as packaged, in two, two pound sealed bags. I the repackage the entire order in 1/2 pound freezer bags. I take it directly from the freezer and ground it to size. The taste is unchanged over the several months it takes to consume the order. I’ve tasted many highly rated coffees and to my palate, this bean brews a cup equal to many of top-rated beans. It tastes strongly of mocha but slightly more intense. It’s my favorite. I brew this coffee in an 8 cup Krups Moka Brew with an extra fine grind and filter the water I use for brewing in a Brita filter. I use the Moka Brew with a paper filter. The filter allows enough oils to pass to satisfy my taste.

  3. G. Keith

    We’ve been ordering this for almost a year. Full of flavor and richness. We make our own half decaf/half regular (with Ruta Maya’s Dark Roast) in our Burr grinder and we are so pleased. We’ve tried Chemix, French Press, automatic coffee maker and Moka Pot (my favorite) and all have tasted excellent with different flavour notes. Ordering and shipping is so easy with little ones at home so we’ll never run out of our morning coffee. And this decaf is so amazing that if I need to go to no caffeine for health reasons or just want an afternoon/evening cup, it’s that delicious to satisfy the palet. Swiss water processed, organic and the price per pound makes this a steal.

  4. S. Harper

    I love drinking freshly brewed coffee , grinding my favorite coffee beans. When I have to switch to decaf. due to health issue and discover that has decaf. coffee beans in variety , Ruta Maya seems to get really good review, so I ordered. OMG, it tastes so good that I don’t even think it’s decaf. coffee. The aroma, the nutty flavor, the dark and full body that I love in the coffee is all here in this decaf. Ruta Maya !! I’m glad that I give it a try and very happy with the freshness of the beans. If you hate decaf. coffee before, like me, try this Ruta Maya, you won’t be disappointed. What if you don’t like it? That’s what return policy is for !!!

  5. A. Roy

    I used to drink pots of regular coffee, but I developed health problem that made me severely cut back on the caffeine. I looked on the internet and saw some foodie review of the best decafs…I’ve had four of the five on the list. The fifth costs something like 17 a pound plus shipping. I was thinking of buying some to compare, but there is just no way it could be worth it when you can get this from for $10 a pound delivered. I would bet this would beat the 30 dollar a pound decaf from NY…it’s that good.

  6. A. Kane

    I consider myself someone with a very good palate (as also in wine). I have been long searching for a great decaf. I fell in love with the decaf in Italy which was the best regular or decaf we have ever had! So, I knew that a search was in order. This looked like it could be an answer so I took a chance. The aroma is very nice, however, the taste was just too “overdone” like the burned that many use to describe that coffee from our famous chain from Washington state. I tried blending it with other beans and it just did not become what I was looking for. I did not have any trouble with my grinder.I would have given it two stars but it looks like many others love it.Great price and delivery though!

  7. M. Coffey

    I primarily purchased this decaf because it was Swiss Water processed, organic, and described as a dark roast. The roast profile is the “subjective” component, but it did not disappoint. I read the 1-star reviews that describe it as over-roasted or burnt, and oily. I don’t agree that it’s burnt, but this is a very dark roasted coffee and the beans are oily. There’s flavor in that oil! If too dark for you, I would still suggest blending it with another medium roast coffee that you like. I use in a Delonghi espresso machine with no problem. I try different decafs to support different roasters, but Ruta Maya is the first one that I am coming back to, to order again.

  8. E. Henson

    Wow, wow, wow. We were using Major D’s decaf (from ) or Starbucks Decaf Espresso (which we had to buy from their stock at the stores because they no longer package it for retail). They are both excellent decaf coffees but Ruta Maya Dark Roast outshines them. Right now we’re mixing the beans 50/50 until we use up what we have on hand, then we’ll convert to 100% Ruta Maya. I hesitated because of the negative reviews from people who said they like dark roast but that this just tasted burnt. However, those reviewers also said they returned the coffee to for a full refund. So we decided to give it a try. As I said: Wow, wow, wow. We are SO glad we did. Love love love this coffee.

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