Shore Magic Premium Marine Collagen 42 servings, 14.8 oz.

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  • (1) 14.8 oz Collagen Powder
  • Healthier Skin, Hair, Nails and Joints
  • 9g Protein
  • Unflavored and Odorless
  • Kosher

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in
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5 reviews for Shore Magic Premium Marine Collagen 42 servings, 14.8 oz.

  1. J. Diaz

    I’ve been using and enjoying visible benefits for nearly one year. Two spoonfuls in coffee both morning and evening. Bought $7 battery operated frother and makes my coffee look and taste like latte! My nails no longer have ridges or splits and have hardened. Pucker lines above my mouth have diminished, no more joint creaking and whole body skin is softer, smoother and younger looking. I’ve tried liquid and other bovine powder but have best results with this. Truly believe this is a healthy and genuine benefit for my 70 year old active body. Cheers!

  2. K. Mitchell

    AND–I notice no difference whatsoever in how I feel or how I look. Multiple reviewers before me have commented on the waste of the packaging…no one needs a collection of these very pretty collapsible spoons/scoops. And these “beautiful” boxes (with which there is nothing I can think to do with after the product is gone) another big waste. Maybe this collagen IS superior to the others…but my guess is it’s just packaged to make the consumer think it is. Just my two cents worth…that cost me $160 (I bought two boxes for some reason–I guess it was to make sure I gave it a real try.)

  3. I. Randall

    This is my 6 re-order from total of 13pcs. Lots of my friends who see my post on my Facebook would asked me to help them order because they not a members. A lot of my friends who see my post on Facebook also order and they said they get the same result as what I told them.The first result I can see really fast is the amount of hair lost. I was thinking I could go bold but after 1week it reduce 80%-90% of hair lost. No tangle, shiny like silk even I don’t apply conditioner. I have a super dry skin and itching during the winter or even during summer. I have to apply lotion 2-3times a day. After 2-3 weeks of Shore Magic collagen. Both my facial and body skin get a lot better. No itchy, more hydrated, bright and smooth.

  4. G. Rivera

    I have been using this product for 12 weeks so far and I’m very impressed. Yes, I was concerned initially with the price point. I had surgery several months ago and my hair paid the price. Thinned out and brittle. I was desperate to get this situation fixed. I did my research and this product has great reviews. I bought the max amount with and have used 2 scoops everyday, religiously. I can tell a big difference in 12 weeks. My husband is a barber and he has even noticed my hair has filled in. I have noticed my joints and skin do feel/look better. Sometimes the product does clump but I just smash those parts until they dissolve. It’s no biggie and I feel it’s a lot to ask a product to not clump at all. It’s def worth the price point!!!!

  5. J. French

    WOW! This is truly an unbelievable product. I used a lot of other collagen items in the past but my nothing helped me feel younger and look younger. I had no energy and my hair and skin looked old and lifeless. Well since i started regularly using Shore Magic my life has changed for the better. My skin feels beautiful, and my body feels energized again and my hair is flowing like the old days. I cant thank you enough for this product. You have truly found a remarkable formula here that is both natural and really works!! thank you!

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Shore Magic Premium Marine Collagen 42 servings, 14.8 oz.Shore Magic Premium Marine Collagen 42 servings, 14.8 oz.