SmartyPants Kids Formula Multivitamin, 180 Gummies

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  • Multivitamin Plus Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
  • Non-GMO

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6 reviews for SmartyPants Kids Formula Multivitamin, 180 Gummies

  1. M. Porter

    I got these for my boys who do not really eat a balance diet due to being extremely picky. I love everything they have in them and the benefits but my kids refuse to take them. My oldest who is not picky said the liquid inside them is horrible and begged me to just give him the Berlean’s lemon favor fish oil. Then my nine year old said he rather take the Lemon favor fish oil by spoon in lieu of bitting into the liquid in the gummies. So now I have a large bottle that smell great but taste horrible? Please make it be both good and good for you

  2. M. Vaughn

    I like the formula. The proportion are good based on the research I’ve read on kids needs. But the sugar! My son has to put extra sugar on his cereal if he takes these vitamins before breakfast. Even though he’s taking them after breakfast now, it still sets him up for needing more sugar in everything he eats. We’ve been very successful in curbing this expectation; helping him enjoy food with less of the sugar blast. We want vitamins, not candy. Most kids would eat these if they had half as much sugar.They’re chewy and fruity. They don’t need to be a sugar bomb. And those kids that don’t enjoy them, should have a change of diet. We’ll search for a less sugary alternative.

  3. J. Maynard

    i was giving our 6 yr old a few vit a day and now i can give him this one cause it has EVERYTHING in this gummy and best part he LOVES THEM!! I just bought 4 bottles and purchasing 4 more exp date is 2018 and I know we will (hubby and me love them too) use them up! Best price and qty in town. please stock the adult one before sale runs out. Also please get the new kid line smarty pants of PROBIOTIC • PREBIOTIC • IMMUNITY in the starwberry and cream!!! Also smart pants now has kid gummy and FIBER – please stock that one too. These are THE BEST BEST BEST EVER taste and covers all the basic stuff for our kid!

  4. K. Guzman

    I love that these are made with great ingredients but our whole family (2 adults and 2 kids) think that our usual brand of kids gummy vitamins taste noticeably better. We compared the ingredients on the two bottles and these had just as much sugar (or maybe a couple grams more). Plus I don’t like that the serving size on these are 4 gummies, vs the other brand is only 2. This means the bottle gets used up a lot faster, and I don’t like the idea of that extra gummies getting stuck in my kids teeth or the idea that they get to have extra of something that resembles candy. Will be going back to our usual brand after this bottles runs out.

  5. T. Mcneil

    I don’t have to tell my kids to take these. They taste so good that my kids seek them out every morning! My only complaint is the serving size which is 4 gummies/day. Otherwise, great product!!

  6. P. Grimes

    The reason I gave this product a 3 was because of it’s serving size. In comparison to most kids’ vitamins, where serving size is 1-2 vitamins, this bottle/brand recommends 4 vitamins to get recommended serving. If you have multiple kids, these will not last. The taste and look of bottle are OK.

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