SmartyPants Women’s Formula Multivitamin, 240 Adult Gummies

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  • Multivitamin Plus Omega 3, Folate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B,
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
  • Non-GMO

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8 reviews for SmartyPants Women’s Formula Multivitamin, 240 Adult Gummies

  1. A. Oconnell

    This was being sampled in the store the last time I went. I’m unable to take pills or capsules so I’m always looking for chewable supplements. I thought they tasted delicious. And then the sampler asked me, “You can’t taste the fish oil at all can you?” . I could not taste it that day. I didn’t even know it was in there. I’m glad they have that as an ingredient because it’s a pretty important thing I think. But when I got it home and ate some here the next day I really did taste the fish oil. But I found the solution! Keep them cold. I put mine in the refrigerator and now when I take one I don’t taste it at all. Very happy to have this supplement in my life as a woman nearing 50.

  2. C. Mueller

    For the first time in my adult life, I just threw away an EMPTY vitamin bottle…because these are that good! I actually look forward to taking these. I found these by searching for vitamins without iron (iron makes me feel awful (lethargy/headache/nausea) and dr says healthy chicks don’t typically need extra iron…just FYI) and was pleasantly surprised that they also contain omega 3s and other good-for-u-stuff! They are the yummy pectin type gummies that melt in your mouth. Thank u to the smart peeps at Smarty Pants-please don’t ever change the formula! I now recommend these to friends!

  3. V. Brennan

    I have been taking these vitamins for over a year. And I love them! I’m reading these other negative comments and I had to leave my response. The taste is not bad at all, think gummie bears. In fact when I bought my daughter the kids version, she didn’t like that taste but would eat these!!I suffer from many health issues and take lots of pills, but these I don’t mind taking 3x a day. It’s like my fix! When I wake up, before dinner and again at bedtime. No biggy.I used to buy this product at target when they went on sale, and stock up. Now that is selling them in the bigger bottle, I await the sale and stock up.Hopefully this was a more honest review from a long time user.

  4. H. Weeks

    I am unable to take synthetic folate due to MTHFR deficiency so it was a relief to find these vitamins. I also needed the active B12 (methylcobalamin). Since I started taking these vitamins I have lost weight. My metabolism must be better. The K2 is a bonus because I was purchasing that separately and it was expensive.

  5. R. Christian

    I’m a bit skeptical of vitamins, especially gummies, but I’ve been using these for about one year and will never switch again! I can feel when I stop taking them for a few days (such as on vacation from home). My energy is a little lower, I’m a little more cloudy and even my digestive system is a little slower. By no means is this a medication, but something in the complex gives me a little pep. I don’t recommend the kid’s or men’s (too sticky and sweet), but the women’s gets 5 stars!!!

  6. A. Morgan

    Bought a few weeks ago. Nice flavor, so I look forward to taking my vitamins every day. I wasn’t consistent taking vitamins before purchasing these because I didn’t enjoy swallowing the pills. However, I assumed I would be taking 1-2 of these each day, but the daily dose is 6 (SIX!) gummies per day. I was not thrilled to know the bottle wouldn’t last very long, just 40 days. Pricey product. I am not sure if I’ll buy them again. Still on the fence, but they do contain a lot of vitamins I am interested in taking. I noticed they have almost as much of the ingredients as in the Hair, Skin and Nails supplement I used to take, on top of everything else (though no collagen).

  7. C. Mcneil

    I’m a big fan of gummy vitamins – they are simply more fun than traditional pills. The SmartyPants Gummies taste pretty good. My only complaint is that the dosage/serving is 6 gummies (most other brands I’ve tried suggest 2). This means I go through the bottle much faster than I expected, and the price is a touch higher than other brands. Overall I think the tradeoff is worthwhile because this SmartyPants vitamin has additional nutrients such as Omega-3’s and CoQ10 (though not a huge amount).

  8. I. Acosta

    Honestly, I’m surprised people don’t like the taste. I find them addicting. Like, I eat my 6 gummies and I want to just keep eating. They do not leave an aftertaste and they are soft, not chewy. They’re fruity and not sicky sweet like many gummy candies. Also, take a look at the quality of the vitamins. They use natural – not synthetic – forms of vitamin E, folate, and others. I love that the omega-3 is built in. Before taking these, I would always forget to take my vitamins. Now, I can’t wait to eat them because they’re like a treat. I haven’t missed a single dose yet. And I love that I can get them at !

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