The Mazzetti Artistry Edition Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 8.45 fl oz.

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  • 8.45 fl oz
  • Barrel-aged for a minimum of 3 years
  • Made in Italy
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The grapes gathered at the height of their ripeness, when they are at their sweetness, the cooking of the grape must, the blend with wine vinegars and then the ageing in wooden barrels for more than 3 years.

Our most Premium of all Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI is brought to life in the Artistry Edition from Mazzetti. Aged 3 years and made to the traditional recipe of Felice Mazzetti this beautiful gift box tells the story of the craft behind this special product and celebrates the provenance of the unique Modenese culinary heartland

The full bodied texture, the lush and intense taste of this 5 Leaf quality makes it the perfect partner for your exclusive recipes: use in drops over Parmigiano Reggiano or aged cheeses, over strawberries, or blend it with vanilla ice creams for a real Modenese dessert.

This Limited Edition box makes it the perfect gift as well as a special treat for yourself.


8.45 fl.oz
Beautiful limited edition gift box
Barrel-aged for a minimum of 3 years
Made in Italy

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for The Mazzetti Artistry Edition Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 8.45 fl oz.

  1. D. Kramer

    I love the “Gold” Balsamic Vinegar however, I find that to be too sweet. This product is 6x pricier than “Gold” so I couldn’t wait to try this out. More expensive is not always better. I was disappointed after tasting this product because this has more sugar and no tangy/sour notes. After some research, I found out aged balsamic vinegar will be sweeter without tangy notes. I guess this is how this is supposed to taste. This product doesn’t enhance the flavor or brighten up the food as much as the “Gold”.

  2. K. Estrada

    This stuff is good for a salad dressing, but not rich and flavorful enough to use with a fine cheese or proscuitto. I’ve had much better at this price point.

  3. S. Frederick

    This is an excellent but SMALL (8oz) bottle of Balsamic vinegar. It is very thick and very good but the packaging, while very beautiful, can not be consumed. It is a huge waster of packaging that is clearly half the price. I prefer to have a simple bottle 2X the size. used to have Redoro Platinum 16oz simple bottle , almost identical taste. It was about the same price but 2X the amount. It is almost identical in taste.

  4. K. Greer

    Just received mine today and tasted it. First, there is no 5 leaf rating for balsamic vinegar as described here. The rating is from one to four leaf. This product is a bit more acidic than I like for a highly graded balsamic vinegar, as claimed. For the price, it’s not too bad but not superior.

  5. L. Ritter

    I ran out of the Fini Limited Balsamic Vinegar. The Mazetti is bottled in the same place if you read the back of both bottles. I think this is outstanding value on sale. Not sure why it isn’t good on salads. I just use a little EVOO and pour a little of this balsamic and it is very enjoyable. I use it on roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli, too.

  6. J. Clayton

    This is wonderful balsamic vinegar. I use it primarily on ice cream, but also for a final drizzle on dishes that call for a premium product. On sale, this was a bargain. I use the larger Kirklands balsamic for everyday things like salad dressings, marinades, and cooking.

  7. I. Faulkner

    A little on the sweet and flowery side and generally lacking in body and aftertaste

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The Mazzetti Artistry Edition Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 8.45 fl oz.