Trufflin VIP Truffle Condiments Gift Set

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  • One Trufflin White Truffle Oil (8.45 oz.)
  • One Trufflin Sriracha (8.5 oz.)
  • One Trufflin Salt (3.5 oz.)
  • One Truffle Honey (2.2 oz.)
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We started TRUFFLIN to bring high quality French truffles to NYC Michelin chefs. Now, we’re bringing them to home kitchens all around the world. Our recipes are made from scratch alongside some of the top chefs we work with—they’re our first taste-testers and our toughest critics, and they make sure we only deliver exceptional flavor. We are Cornelious Robinson and Liv Woudstra Robinson. She hails from the South of France, where her family has a long history with truffles (and the truffle-hunting dogs to prove it). He spent years on the New York & Atlanta food scene, first in the kitchen, learning French technique at a James Beard-awarded restaurant, then behind the bar at the onset of the craft cocktail revolution. We brought that collective passion for gastronomy together over a simple idea: to bring the highest quality truffles available to the best chefs in the U.S. We’re admittedly a little obsessive about our standards, that’s why we source our truffles from a collective of French truffle hunters and farmers, ensuring top-grade quality from season to season.


  • One Trufflin White Truffle Oil (8.45 oz.)
  • One Trufflin Sriracha (8.5 oz.)
  • One Trufflin Salt (3.5 oz.)
  • One Trufflin Honey (2.2 oz.)

TRUFFLIN WHITE TRUFFLE OIL (8.45oz): This white truffle infused olive oil brings deep and earthy flavors from Italy into your kitchen. The estate-grown French extra-virgin olive oil is naturally infused with aromatic white truffle essence from Alba, famous for their deep, earthy character.

BURSTING WITH FLAVOR: TRUFFLIN white truffle oil is an exceptionally versatile blend that turn everyday meals in gourmet food. This gourmet olive oil adds complex, umami packed flavor to all of the staples including pasta, risotto, eggs, salads, french fries, roast chicken or mashed potatoes. A little goes a long way. Works great as a finishing oil.

COLD PRESSED: Our polyphenol rich olive oil is heart healthy with white truffles and Arbequina olives. To capture the all-natural flavors no heat was used in the production process.

SUITABLE FOR MANY DIETS: Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac / Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No MSG, & Nut Free.

TRUFFLIN SRIRACHA (8.5oz): Our truffle hot sauce blends premium fermented chili peppers, savory spices, hibiscus, and cold pressed olive oil naturally infused with umami packed black truffle flavor.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This hot chili sauce is produced in small batches with all natural ingredients allowing the peppers to do all the talking. It’s just hot enough to awaken your palate while allowing the black truffle to come forward, finishing with a classic Sriracha hot sauce spice.

NO ADDED SUGAR: TRUFFLIN’s sriracha sauce is gluten free, keto friendly and is low in acidity with no added sugar. The chefs coveted Guajillo pepper offers flavors of red berries, tea, and smoke. We’ve even borrowed the bright fruit & heat from the hottest pepper in the world to stay true to our southern roots, the Carolina Reaper.

THE WHOLE PACKAGE – Our sauces are made with some of the world’s most precious ingredients, so we pack them with the utmost care to create the best experience from the moment you open your package.

TRUFLLIN SALT (3.5oz): Our sea salt flakes with black truffle is made with sel gris from Guerande, France.  This type of coarse sea salt is one of the best in the world, packed with nutrients and has nuggets of black truffle throughout. Elevate any dish with this amazing black truffle salt seasoning.

BLACK TRUFFLE: Our black truffle salt is made with real black truffles (tuber aestivum) from the South of France and French Grey Salt.  The complex balance of sea minerals, with small flaky salt crystals, and naturally moist texture comes together in an umami seasoning you didn’t know you were missing.

ALL NATURAL: TRUFFLIN black truffle salt is made of all natural gray sea salt and hand harvested truffles from France with 0 additives. Our salt can be used to create gourmet popcorn for vegetables, fish or steak seasoning or even french fry seasoning. This salt does not contain msg and is non-gmo, soy free, gluten free and dairy free.

TRUFFLE HONEY (2.2oz): Our raw unfiltered honey showcases wildflower honey infused with fresh black truffles. Each jar adds an intoxicating truffle aroma that blends the honey’s delicate sweetness with the deep, earthy flavors of black truffle. This gourmet honey is a great addition to a cheese board, burrata, baked brie or fried chicken.

FAMILY HARVESTED: Both the unfiltered honey and truffles in this product are harvested on the same family-owned farm in the natural reserve of Luberon in the South of France. Many truffle honeys on the market use synthetic honey and we are very proud to source a product so authentic to the traditions and flavors of the Provence region.

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2 reviews for Trufflin VIP Truffle Condiments Gift Set

  1. J. Moran

    I selfishly bought this for my girlfriend and we’ve been really enjoying it as we’re cooking more for the holiday season and it helps add some creativity to what we’d normally cook up. The presentation is fantastic and the products lived up to our expectations. Special shout out to the hot sauce! Putting it on just about anything makes the dish pop. We hadn’t done much cooking with truffles or truffle flavors before, so it’s been a fun foray into it. We’re enjoying learning and researching new dishes with these flavors as the motivation. Turned into a great gift idea and we’re excited to keep the experimentation going!

  2. T. Barrett

    My wife loved the multiple ways she can add Truffle seasoning to our foods. Also, the boxed presentation was just beautiful. This was her favorite Christmas gift!

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Trufflin VIP Truffle Condiments Gift Set