trunature Blueberry Extract 1000 mg, 200 Softgels

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  • 36:1 Standardized Extract
  • 1000 mg. per 2 Softgel Serving

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8 reviews for trunature Blueberry Extract 1000 mg, 200 Softgels

  1. E. Harrington

    If you want to improve your diet, but don’t necessarily “like” all the superfoods, these blueberry extract softgels are a good alternative. In my case, they are doctor-recommended. I don’t like blueberries well enough to eat them every day, they are often of poor quality where I shop, and are pretty pricey sometimes. These softgels are a consistent alternative that I can take along with my vitamin supplements.

  2. M. Wells

    Sure, sure, sure! You’ll be able to find them, but you’ll pay at LEAST 25% more. And free shipping? Getouttatown! As for the quality, educate yourself. Look up things like anthocyanins, pterostilbenes and proanthocyanins. They’re in there! You name it! Blueberries covers it. One would think that it’s in the glycemic stratosphere. Not so. It’s a paradox. The number one endocrinologist-rated food for T2DM? You guessed it. Blueberries. Look up something called the ORAC scale (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), and you’ll find no other FRUIT comes close to the antioxidant power of blueberries. It’s also one of the highest FOODS overall on the ORAC scale. We die because of a two-fold phenomenon. We die of (1) inflammation, and (2) oxidative stress. So mitigate your risks. You’re on ‘s website right now. Look at their FROZEN blueberries – approximately $10.00 … FOR FOUR POUNDS. The aforesaid three phytochemicals have the ability to stave off neurodegenerative diseases. This food is also efficacious for arthritis, cognition, energy and a better blood lipid profile. Seriously. How can you go wrong? Final note. I don’t even “shop” anymore. If sells something I need … I buy it there.

  3. A. Barton

    is the only place that I have seen to have blueberry extract in capsules. GNC doesn’t have it. The price is great. Blueberries are so good for you. They have the most Antioxidants of any berry. I have read that if you had to add one thing to your diet it would be to add blueberries. Sometimes you don’t feel like eating blueberries so that is where the extract comes in. I feel better in the morning knowing that I take it. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I especially need to look out for my health.

  4. E. Kaiser

    I have been using the blueberry capsules for about 4 years, too bad they are not sold in the stores any more. My eyes have and eyesight have gotten better after taking this great product. I can’t eat fresh blueberries every day, but I can take 2 capsules every day.

  5. E. Patel

    This is a great price for what seems like high-quality blueberry extract. However, the label shows there are 15 calories per two-capsule serving (largely due to the added oil).While antioxidant counts vary, it would take about 8 of these capsules to equal the anthocyanin content of 1/2 cup of blueberries. But then you’d be taking in 60 calories from the supplements alone — which is more than you’d get from actually eating blueberries, which have about 40 calories per 1/2 cup. In other words, you’d probably be better off eating real fresh or frozen blueberries — which have the added benefit of being delicious — than taking this supplement.

  6. I. Dickerson

    Ive been a diabetic since 2004. I was injecting insulin 3 x day for 7 years and had been trying and investigating various holistic as well as modern methods of combating the problem. After reading an article written 70 years ago from a medical journal magazine which purported to use the Blueberry extract as a cure for diabetes i decided to try it. After 3 months of 100mg daily, my numbers have decreased by 200% !! I only use insulin on rare occasions, less and less and feel so much better. My recent blood work showed the affects of this powerful anti oxidant and my numbers were all back to normal. It was the best lab report in 7 years !!! I continue to use and recommend this product as it works for me any others ive recommended it to.Lots of info online about it !!!!

  7. S. Hayden

    Blueberries are so good for your eyes and I could not go to the store and buy fresh blueberries all year long, therefore I saw them available in softgels at the store and purchased them. My eyesight has improved greatly from using the softgels. I take many different supplements and vitamins and you would never know I am 70 years old.

  8. M. Pineda

    I have been taking this product for several years. I had type 2 diebetes & Itake 1,000 Cap. Am & Pm daily. I also take 1,000 MG of Cinnamon+Chromium Am&Pm. As of 5/05/15 I no longer take 500 Mg of Metiforma Am/Pm. My blood is back in the normal range.Check with your Dr & see if this couldhelp you.

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trunature Blueberry Extract 1000 mg, 200 Softgels

Availability: 15 in stock