trunature Premium Milk Thistle 160 mg., 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • One per Day Formulation
  • Featuring Siliphos® Milk Thistle Extract for Increased Absorption

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8 reviews for trunature Premium Milk Thistle 160 mg., 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. P. Montoya

    The only measure we have for the efficacy of this herb are the liver function tests that our doctor does every six months or so. That said, my husband suffered from a serious strep infection almost 20 years ago and his LFTs have, until we started taking this Milk Thistle, disturbed his doctors. At the urging of a friend who’s a nurse practitioner, we have a year of experience with the trunature and the last two tests have showed his LFT ratings well inside normal range. We’re committed consumers.

  2. E. Lang

    My husband has been treated for liver cancer twice! He still gets a CT scans and lab work every 90 days but has been cancer free for 3 years. The doctors are always amazed at his liver function tests. Would highly recommend to any body with liver issues!

  3. N. Flowers

    My Doc told me I had a fatty liver. I said what, never heard of that, Doc said yeah you have some fat in your liver. I said oh, how do I get rid of that, and the Doc said “Oh you need to lose weight, as they always do. But I am 6ft and only 20lbs over the suggested weight, and I have muscle. I asked the Doc if there was effective supplements and they said no. Did some research and I found that Milk Thistle promotes Liver health. So I ordered from , took the 120 capsules over 120 days and re-tested. Doc said, Wow your liver is very healthy now, did you lose weight. I said, I only lost 5 lbs, but I have been taking Milk thistle. Guess Milk thistle does work Doc.

  4. M. Mercer

    I had ovarian cyst suffering severe pain all day and almost scheduled a surgery. After researching a lot on my own, I started taking this 2 tablets twice daily. The cyst issue was fixed gradually, my pain vanished. I reduced the tablets to 1 and slowly weaned off of it. It also fixed my acne issue due to excess hormones( I am middle aged) and got a glow on my face. My doctor wanted to know how I did it… lol. I am so proud I stumbled on this product. Even without issues I believe everybody should cleanse the liver from time to time to keep the body functioning better. Now I take this once in a while to cleanse the body toxins.

  5. N. Landry

    I bought this milk thistle for my dog, as my vet recommended it due to unusually high liver values in his blood workup. I add it to his wet food (Tylee’s), and he seems to tolerate it well, and his stools are normal. I looked at several different brands, and settled on this one, as it had a better manufacturing lab and was the highest quality I could find. It was also reasonably priced. I previously had my dog (a Pomeranian) on Trader Joe’s milk thistle, but that would give him runny stools sometimes. Milk thistle, in general, does help, and while one of his liver lab values stayed pretty much the same, the other showed significant improvement. I will definitely keep him on this, and on this brand.

  6. J. Hahn

    I had been trying for at least 3 years, with liver tests every 6 months to get my numbers down so I could get put on a medication (granted, an elective one) without luck. I tried regular milk thistle with a rating of 80% silymarin. The numbers didn’t budge. Tried this after looking into some of the research behind siliphos and found my liver numbers had finally dipped into the normal range. Ironically, when I finally went to the doctor for the medication I was after, he said he didn’t recommend it due to it’s impacts on the liver. At least I have a healthier liver. 🙂

  7. N. Vaughan

    I bought a bottle of trunature Premium Milk Thistle Vegetarian Capsules this spring for my husband. His liver enzymes were high and to try a well-known liver herb was the first thing that came to mind.Six month later his liver enzymes level was much lower. Not normal yet, but much better than before and he did not have any adverse side effects.I bought a second bottle and we will see the results in another six month. Meanwhile I can recommend this product to everyone who wants to support his or her liver.

  8. K. Riddle

    I suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver (terrible diet) I used to get cramps behind my right ribcage often, some days I would trigger them by just twisting my torso and they could last hours. I started with this product and elderberry together and after 2 months it got rid of most all cramping (charlie horse) in my ribs and now after 3 months I have zero cramping. Time to work on my diet as well but these worked by only using as directed and a couple month trial. Who knew. No liver tests since my initial diagnosis but the proof is the result. 8 years of issues and now none in over almost 4 months. I will continue these and my Dr. Was supportive of my choice.

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trunature Premium Milk Thistle 160 mg., 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Availability: 15 in stock