trunature Prostate Plus Health Complex, 250 Softgels

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  • Standardized Saw Palmetto with Zinc, Lycopene and Pumpkin Seed
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Gluten and No Lactose

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8 reviews for trunature Prostate Plus Health Complex, 250 Softgels

  1. G. Ellison

    I took plain Saw Palmetto for a couple of years under doctor’s advice, which helped reduce the number of trips to the bathroom per night. I saw these pills at and thought i would give them a try while maintaining my Saw Palmetto regiment. Within two weeks, I was sleeping through the night…..with NO noticeable side effects……and no trips to the bathroom!

  2. L. Willis

    Trunature is one of ‘s brands, and I have found that their quality control is beyond excellent. This is a product for men experiencing normal prostate issues, and statistically, that means pretty much every man over 50. There is little clinical research into the ingredients in Prostate Plus, so what one hears is almost exclusively anecdotal. My doctor has told me at my last two exams that my prostate has NOT enlarged in the last year and that it might be slightly smaller. This result is great and no other treatment is necessary at this time. Did Prostate Plus make this happen? I do not know for sure, but I continue to take it every day.

  3. J. Zhang

    I had enlarged my prostate 15 years ago. I have to take Finasteride 5mg every day and after that increase to 25mg. So, when I read a review “ trunature Prostate Complex “ on internet and then I try it. It’s really work good for me. Now everyday I take 1 Fenasteride 5mg in the mornings and 1 “ trunature Prostate Complex” . Now I feel my Prostate problem almost gone, I write this review to refer to every one ☝️ have enlarged Prostate like me. Hope your healthy always!!

  4. C. Oconnell

    My PSA on 11/21/16 was at 4.25 ng/ml. It jumped 3 points in a 2 year span. I had no issues with my prostate physically, just abnormally high psa. I went to the following day and picked this stuff up. Took it religiously for 3 months, until my followup blood draw on 02/21/17. Well just got the results and it was 1.75 ng/ml. lowered almost 3 points in 3 month time period!! This stuff really works to lower psa values!! I will take it until I die!! I am 55 yrs old right now. thanks!

  5. A. Garcia

    I have been using a mushroom based prostate supplement for a few years and saw the good reviews of this product, so decided to give it a try. My wife needed some urinary support, saw that these have cranberry for urinary tract support, and started taking 1 per day. She was amazed with her fast results: relief from pain and for years has needed to get up at night to urinate and has not had a steady stream for many years also. Apparently, she needed this more than I did, because it solved more than one problem for her. I am willing to wait for great results after her testimonial.

  6. M. Stanley

    I bought this after seeing it in the store then reading the reviews as well as reviews on other sites. I was taking a saw palmetto supplement only for a number of years with some results but thought I’d give this a shot. Im so glad I did! It too, around 3 weeks but I noticed a huge difference in flow, discomfort, all the stuff, plus I had a rise in libido which was totally unexpected. All this for less than what I was spending for 60 of my old saw palmetto pills. Definitely worth giving it a try, but be patient. I talked to a few guys who had to wait a few months before the results really showed up. Extremely satisfied. Oh, and the pills are not as huge as some people say. They are the same size as a standard fish oil supplement.

  7. H. Hale

    My family doctor recommended I try saw palmetto about18 years ago and at age 78 I am still using it. I do not have to get up during the night unless I drink 16 ounces of water or a beverage after 7 p.m. I rarely have urgency. Powder did not work, but liquid capsules did. I have taken one a day of ‘s version for about 12 years. I know that tests show that it is little better than a placebo, but my doctor says it can work for some people. I think lycopene and pumpkin seed were added after those tests were done, but the brand worked for me before and after those ingredients were added.

  8. A. Bernard

    A fellow teacher told me about this product many years ago and I have been taking it ever since! I find it does work for me. Like any medication/OTC product, they don’t work for all. Of course it is also impacted by the seriousness of the problem. I discussed this product with my urologist and he had no problem with me taking it; paraphrasing, he said “whatever helps is what you want to use.”I don’t think it’s an overnight product, the longer I have taken it the better my issue has become.Also. it must be helping many, as the priced appears to be steadily rising.

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trunature Prostate Plus Health Complex, 250 Softgels