trunature Resveratrol Plus, 140 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Standardized Trans-Resveratrol 250 mg.
  • Red Wine 50 mg., Grape Seed 50 mg. and Green Tea Extract 50 mg.

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7 reviews for trunature Resveratrol Plus, 140 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. J. Dickerson

    NIH is studying resveratrol, but meanwhile there’re stories like mine. I had read about it helping with insulin resistance and started taking it one year ago. I felt better, more energetic on the first day. In the past year I have lost 28 pounds (I have always struggled with weight) and all my bloodwork is better. I don’t know if it’ll make me live to 100 but I sure feel fantastic at 65.

  2. A. Mcpherson

    Resveratrol was featured on CBS News 60 Minutes as a result of a scientific study demonstrating it to have near magical life extending qualities. I’m sixty eight and I have been taking it for about ten years now. Make a note to request another review in January of 2049. If I reply, it worked.

  3. I. Mckinney

    Product was highly rated by consumer lab for value and actually containing what the label says it contains (some supplements contain lower amounts of the ingredients than advertised, or they contain unwanted contaminants like lead, arsenic, or heavy metals from the soil). As to efficacy, that depends on the purpose for which you’re taking resveratrol. I’m hoping to keep heart and brain healthy but the clinical studies on humans are sparse at best and often inconclusive.

  4. L. Mata

    LIke others here, I’ve been taking resveratrol for years. This is the best value out there (other than buying a powder and filling your own capsules).Does resveratrol work ? its not really known. There are no good studies out there. Over the years, What I did notice, when I stopped taking resveratrol, my hair started getting gray. Restarted the resveratrol and my hair got darker. At 3 capsules a day, in the morning. So I try to get it on sale, and hope its actually doing something. It doesn’t help my cholesterol at all.

  5. Z. Elliott

    I have been using Resveratrol for a number of years with good results. I have just started the new formula and it seems okay so far. I wish they had not changed the formula however adding the items they have. Selling it only on line vs in stores also makes it bit inconvenient though it comes in a few days. It took me a few weeks to find it there as I wasn’t expecting to see it there after my last bottle ran out thinking they had discontinued the product.

  6. J. Schaefer

    used to sell this product in warehouse (perhaps they still do in some locations), but now I have to order them from the website. Although there are some products containing resveratrol offered in-store, they don’t contain as much resveratrol as is in each of these capsules. I’d have to take two or three of the other products to get the same amount as in these. I’ve had good experiences with other products from TruNature and this is no exception. I’ve been buying this product for a number of years. I buy several containers at a time as they keep very well and the expiration date is well beyond when I will run out and buy the next batch.

  7. B. Oliver

    At 91 I have substantially outlived anyone on either side of my birth family. I’ve been taking two of these resveratrol pills daily for the past 18 years along, along with a healthy, low cholesterol diet and can only report my health and cognition as being better than the norm for males my age. There is no demonstrable evidence that the resveratrol deserves any of the “credit” for my condition, but I intend to continue to take them ‘just in case.’

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trunature Resveratrol Plus, 140 Vegetarian Capsules

Availability: 15 in stock