trunature Vision Complex Lutein & Zeaxanthin, 140 Softgels

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Contains Lutemax 20/20 Ultra

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8 reviews for trunature Vision Complex Lutein & Zeaxanthin, 140 Softgels

  1. Z. Bean

    I have used this Lutein Zeaxanthin / for at least 5 years. Today when I opened a new container the soft gels were different sizes….some the original size and then some were smaller. I am concerned about quality control. I called the 1-800 number on the package and was told that the size had changed to a smaller size. I wondered why the change. Is it not the same amount of L&Z. I was told that that they no longer contain soy, but now contain coconut and palm oil. I would like a more scientific explanation as to why.I thought I was buying a quality product, but now wonder what is going on and why.

  2. Y. Silva

    Using TruNature Lutein/Zeaxanthin Vision Complex is by far the most cost effective way to build your own equivalent of the AREDS2 formula. By simply adding Vitamin C, Zinc, and a multivitamin – all very inexpensive supplements – you can duplicate the ARED2 formula for about 1/2 the cost of branded ARED2 products. In addition, you can reduce the percentage of zinc in the formula to safer levels, given evidence that excess zinc may be related to memory loss and increased risk of developing dementia (Alzheimer’s and related forms).There are other Lutein/Zeaxanthin products on the market, but this TruNature version provides high potency in the recommended 5:1 proportion, unlike many others.

  3. J. Rubio

    My family has a history of macular degeneration. My eye doctor suggested that I take a supplement with both Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which this has, along with copper and zinc. Difficult to say if it works because you can only tell when a supplement doesn’t work and you get macular degeneration…and even when / if you do get it, you can’t tell if the supplement delayed its onset. What I can say is that it has the dosage i need at a great price. I only buy my supplements at when they have what I want. From what I read, their quality control procedures are second to none.

  4. K. Fry

    I’m on my second bottle of this product and will probably continue to take it unless I learn from an authoritative source that it is not helpful. As with most over-the-counter supplements – and probably with a lot of prescription medications as well – I suspect that most of us haven’t a clue as to how worthwhile they really are, and many people who claim to be benefited might indeed be experiencing the placebo effect. I take this product because I have heard from various seemingly reliable sources that both lutein and xeaxanthin can be beneficial to the eyes and might help stave off macular degeneration. My vision is impaired by glaucoma and I’ve “seen” no improvement since taking this supplement but I consider it to be a relatively cheap form of fingers-crossed insurance and at age 89 I’ll take whatever such insurance I can get.

  5. K. Ferguson

    This is an excellent supplement for eye concerns that I have been taking for several years now. Having had LASIK 15 years ago, I have dry eyes (take Restatis) and also thin corneas which are susceptible to tears (ripping not liquid). After I initially started taking the lutein, the next annual eye exam the optometrist noted how much better my eyes were. I recently (and foolishly) stopped taking them for a short time (~1 month). Dryness and inability to focus properly ensued. I was reminded of how bad my previous condition was and could completely tell the difference and feel the relief after about 1.5 weeks after restart.

  6. U. Chapman

    Been using this for over two years. I have macular degeneration since early 2000’s. Used to see a macular specialist for many years who was not on my new Medicare plan. I purchased similar pills from his office but they were much more expensive. I have wet in my left eye and dry in my right eye and go for quarterly eye injections in the left eye. I did lots of research to find pills similar to what I used to take and these were the closest as could be. My present macular specialist agrees that they are a good choice. Whether they help in slowing down the progression of the disease is not clear to me but I do know that I feel as if I am doing something good for myself at a reasonable price.

  7. A. Petersen

    I started taking these about a year ago and I have noticed an improvement. I recall running out and not taking them for about 3-4 weeks…It was hard to focus when reading. When I brought more and took them (daily) for about a month, I noticed a difference… My eyes focused faster and was no longer straining to read things up-close. I will always take these softgels (1-2x per day) because I notice a difference in my vision, when I stop–in about 3 weeks. This item is legit! I highly recommend them….(expect to see results in about 4-6 weeks or maybe sooner.) Make sure to take daily at the same time with food. I am not experiencing any side effects from taking this supplement. 🙂 Tip: I stock up when offers the $4 discount. Best to you and thank you for reading!

  8. L. Hebert

    I started using eye vitamins after I learned that 2 relatives were suffering from macular degeneration. Then one of my parents was diagnosed with early stages of the disease. The doctor put them on a specific supplement and after 6 months, almost all signs were gone. I researched the supplement and found that the 2 ingredients not found in ordinary daily vitamins were Lutein and Zeaxanthin. In researching supplements with these 2 ingredients I found Trunature to have the closest amounts of each ingredient (it actually has more Zeaxanthin than the original supplement). I have been using this ever since then. While I don’t have signs of MD, I am hoping that this supplement will be cheap insurance.

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trunature Vision Complex Lutein & Zeaxanthin, 140 Softgels