vitafusion Calcium+D₃, 200 Gummy Vitamins

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  • 500 mg of Calcium & 25 mcg of Vitamin D3 Per Serving
  • 2 Bottles, 100 Gummies Each
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • No Artificial Flavors, High Fructose Corn Syrup or Synthetic FD&C Dye

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6 reviews for vitafusion Calcium+D₃, 200 Gummy Vitamins

  1. Z. Gibson

    I have been taking these Vitafusion gummies for a few years. I like the taste and texture very much, but I do not care for the strawberry flavor. Now, the warehouse has replaced Vitafusion with the Kirkland brand. I really like that they have removed strawberry, and only have cherry and orange in the Kirkland brand. The cherry flavor is equally as good, however the Kirkland orange flavor needs a lot of improvement to be as good as the Vitafusion orange. The texture is similar, but the Kirkland brand has less sugar which is a positive. Overall, I prefer Vitafusion.

  2. J. Rice

    These are great tasting calcium chews. They aren’t too gummy or overly chewy and don’t stick to the container like many gummy products do. They are coated in quite a bit of sugar, hence the 4 star rating. The chews would be equally good with a little less sugar. Overall, this is a great product and doesn’t have artificial sweeteners.

  3. M. Fisher

    My husband saw these in our local and knows how much I hate taking those big, chalky, yucky calcium pills so much that I really avoided taking them. Which is bad for me because I have back issues and osteoparosis runs on both sides of my family. He got these on sale and begged me to try one. WOW, they are so good! taste just like fruity gummy bears. I look forward to taking them now and do so, every day. I have to say they do make me feel better! I haven’t had as much back pain as I usually do! maybe it’s a placebo effect but whatever, it’s working! Big plus is, these also have Vita D!

  4. J. Grimes

    So, I have to take high doses of calcium for ostopenia. For best absorption, I take the calcium throughout the day. I was having trouble, like other reviewers, taking or remembering to take the horse pills 3 or 4 times a day, and therefore, I was becoming noncompliant.Then I found these gummy chews. What a great way to get calcium. I put one bottle in my kitchen, and one in my bedroom. Now, four times a day, I grab two chews and down goes 500 mg. I can get my 2000 mg without a problem. In fact, they taste so good, I have to worry about taking them too often!

  5. W. Robinson

    I am a woman in my early 40s who is low on Vita D and needs calcium, but who hates to take the usual calcium horse pill. I avoided taking my calcium and Vita D due to the nasty taste and large pill size. My husband & I were in our local one day and these were on sale. He begged me to try them, since he figured if they tasted like gummy bears I would love them. Well, he was right. After one gummy I was hooked! they taste just like candy. Now I am like clockwork with taking my calcium and actually look forward to it! The added plus is they have vita D, so no extra pills to take!

  6. M. Norton

    Almost immediately after starting on these chews, my joint pain went away (no joke.) I thought I was getting arthritis in my hands and I couldn’t get on any more medications than I currently take. The medication I take is for joint pain but even it didn’t get rid of the pain 100%. I gave the second bottle to my dad and it helped him out alot; he had pain in his elbow for years. He just called to tell me that he is going to get himself a couple of bottles next time. Try it out, I swear that you’ll be happy you did and will be feel relief within the first couple of days.

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vitafusion Calcium+D₃, 200 Gummy Vitamins