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  • One Per Day
  • 8 Strains
  • 30 Billion Active Cells

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7 reviews for webber naturals Complete Probiotic, 75 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. R. Guerra

    I have tried various probiotics in the past 30 years! For me this one was (and is) the best one I have tried. I used one bottle as instructed and then I bought additional bottle and used as needed basis. I am on my third or fourth bottle now. When I am constipated, I use this probiotic, magnesium and a dried fruit and vegitables together. I get good results.

  2. K. Savage

    This product is well researched and works great. I reached out to their customer service to learn more about their research, and they were very prompt and informative. Plus, it has one of the highest potencies on the market.

  3. A. Gillespie

    I have been taking for 2 yes now. Overall health is great. Have not been sick at all. Keeps me regular as well. This is my key supplement. Had someone take this just before being diagnosed with breast cancer. I believe the product off set sone of the side effects of chemo like fatigue, nausia, upset stomach, etc. She had chemo for 20 weeks and never got sick even in the mist of flu season and continued to work full time. Of course eating healthy and exercise was important and a positive attitude. Cancer was stage 3. Its been a year now and she is still going strong.

  4. A. Vaughan

    I reorder this wonderful supplement each and every time has their instant savings offer. In fact, this past time, I ordered enough to last an entire year. I know it doesn’t have to be kept in the refrigerator, but it certainly helps keep the CFU count at optimum levels. The price can’t be beat compared to other reputable probiotic supplements. This one keeps my digestive system regular. Everybody’s GI tract works differently, so find one that works for you and take it faithfully. I take one capsule every morning and like clockwork, I feel the benefits of this probiotic!

  5. L. Spence

    Due to multiple antibiotic usage I felt my body really needed supportive probiotics so I checked out several at a local health foods store, as well as online. Recommendations are that you have a broad mix of strains and that can get expensive, most common brands have two, these have eight so I decided to order them. There’s a definite improvement in how I feel, as well as in clearing the bowel. As always, has great pricing and these included free shipping.*A special thank you to and their customer service who reshipped immediately when the first package was stolen.

  6. M. Conway

    Manufactured with 75 billion cultures. Guarantees 30 billion. This means that, at the end of the expiration period for the bottle (unless you store it somewhere in the Gobi Dessert), there will be 30 billion active cultures. Since they are shipping fresh product that has an expiration date well over a year ahead, if you store in in the ‘fridge as soon as you get it, you should be getting at least 50-60 billion cultures per capsule. This is my estimate. Bet I’m right. Their estimate is for a minimum acceptable storage environment.

  7. M. Wilkerson

    I bought this 2 months ago based on the great reviews for the 60 count bottle. The first thing I did when I received the bottle is google the best time/way to take the pill…online responses stated taking the pill with food was the best practice. I was pleased with the fact that I only had to take one pill a day which made it easy to remember. Previous to taking this probiotic, I had a lot of bloating, pain and gas during that time of the month and sometimes from certain foods I’d eat. After religiously taking this pill with dinner every night, I’m happy to report that my misery of pain and bloating has decreased considerably! I did order my second bottle, now offering more pills per bottle (75 vs. 60), however I did notice a slight change in the recommendation of refrigeration…whereas the previous bottle stated no refrigeration necessary, this new bottle states that refrigerating it will help preserve the potency…so, it now sits in my refrigerator.

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webber naturals Complete Probiotic, 75 Vegetarian Capsules