Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus 1200 mg., 240 Tablets

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  • Red Yeast Rice 1200 mg. per Serving
  • Plant Phytosterols 850 mg. per Serving
  • Microalgae 1 mg. per Serving

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8 reviews for Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus 1200 mg., 240 Tablets

  1. A. Guerra

    Had horrific reaction to statin drugs and was on my back for 6 weeks. Learned about red yeast rice used along with non-flushing niacin from my sister. I got my bad numbers down quite a bit. Then I added oatmeal squares cereal with some walnuts tossed in. Statin drugs are oversold and over-hyped. They hard a lot of people put on them. Red yeast rice has been used in eastern medicine for longer than I or my Mother have been on Earth. I have our family cholesterol problem even though I am not big on meat, cheese or the other no-no foods. My cholesterol numbers changed within a couple months – dramatically. Worth trying.

  2. A. Delacruz

    Red yeast rice really works to reduce cholesterol without the side effects of statins. My cholesterol skyrocketed after menopause and statins gave me joint pain, so when this was recommended by a friend, I researched it and decided to give it a try. My doctor was surprised because it doesn’t work for everyone. But, the cost of the large bottle from has been worth the results. It’s also a money saver because it eliminated the need to visit my doctor to get refills. I do have an annual check up with cholesterol testing to prove red yeast rices’ continued effectiveness. The downside would be if you have difficulty swallowing pills because it is a large pill.

  3. M. Reid

    A friend’s doctor recommended Red Yeast Rice for high cholesterol, and my friend told me that his cholesterol levels had declined since he began taking it. I asked my doctor for his opinion, and he said it was worth a try.I’ve been taking Red Yeast Rice for over three years, and my cholesterol has dropped significantly; in fact, it’s back in the normal range. Since I haven’t made significant changes in diet or exercise, it seems reasonable to assume that most of the improvement is due to Red Yeast Rice.A sister-in-law told me that her doctor recommended it, and that she’d seen a similar level of improvement in her cholesterol levels.However, there are some potential side effects, so it would be wise to read about those–and to speak to your physician–before you start taking it.

  4. S. Cross

    I bought this product a year ago and never used it. I knew I was having my bloodwork done in early June so decided to start using it in April so to see if it would improve my numbers. Wow- huge improvement from last year. My total cholesterol went from 272 to 194. My LDL went from 170 to 110. The recommended dosage is 4 a day. I only took one a day and sometimes 2 a day. Additionally, I cut out dairy and most sugar. I would highly recommend this product. I think the combination of this product along with cutting out some high fat foods made the difference. My doctor was suggesting a statin and I wanted to avoid. Will keep taking this!

  5. M. Fuentes

    My Oct 2017 LDL reading was 167 mg/dL, Total was 248 mg/dL. I was surprised as I had switched to a pescatarian diet several months before, and had lost about 10 pounds since start of 2017. Nevertheless, continued with nutritional change and fitness routines. Then 4 weeks before the next blood works in early Feb 2018, we heard from a friend who had been taking Red Yeast Rice for years to control her cholesterol successfully. I started taking this, 4 weeks before the Feb blood works. Lo and behold, my LDL was reduced by 40% to 99 mg/dL and Total dropped to 170 mg/dL (31%). My HDL did drop too, but marginally (14%). Net, this is a better option than statins.

  6. P. Best

    I read about this product online and decided to give it a whirl. The results were pretty impressive. There were significant drops in my total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Triglycerides and non-HDL cholesterol levels. My HDL level seemed to be unaffected. I took the recommended dosage of 1200mg twice a day. I intend to lower that dosage to 600mg twice a day and see the impact. I would definitely recommend this. I would also suggest that it only be purchased from a reputable supplier, as I have read some research on line suggesting that in some supplements there were impurities that could be detrimental. There is obviously no FDA oversight with supliments.

  7. T. Kidd

    I started red yeast rice supplements at the suggestion of a Nurse Practitioner to assist in lowering my bad cholesterol I think. Could have been another reason that I don’t recall. Anyway I ordered a different brand on line and within a week had severe vertigo. Talked with supplier and they had no reports of vertigo being a side effect but refunded my money and were very helpful in every way. I also had a brain MRI (my sister had a stroke at 61, I am 68), went to my ENT doctor. No problems. I decided to give it another go with this brand and haven’t had the same reaction. Nor have I had my blood work done. Stay tuned.

  8. J. Forbes

    My cholesterol was right at the top of the allowable range and the doctor was very concerned. He suggested that I try red yeast rice extract to lower it. After taking it for a couple of months my bad cholesterol was drastically lower and right in the “perfect” range and my good cholesterol was way up. This has been maintained now for over 2 years. I have had no side effects from the supplement. Having said this, I have run into several people who cannot tolerate this supplement. You might want to only buy one bottle to try at first to see if the pills cause you any trouble. This supplement has some of the same type compounds in it that cholesterol drugs so, so it may cause some of the same side effects.

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Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus 1200 mg., 240 Tablets