What is America: 25-Book Box Set

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  • Recommended Ages: 9 – 12
  • Costco Exclusive
  • 25 Illustrated Books and an Interactive Poster
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Learn about the history of the United States of America and its most monumental moments and people in this exclusive collectible boxed set! Dive into these 25 books to learn about everything from the first Thanksgiving to the Women’s Rights Movement and more. The perfect gift to introduce young readers to America’s history or for educational family reading.

    • Format: Paperback


  • What Was the First Thanksgiving?
  • What Was the Boston Tea Party?
  • Who Was George Washington?
  • What Is the Declaration of Independence?
  • What Is the Constitution?
  • Where Is the White House?
  • What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
  • What Was the Underground Railroad?
  • Who Was Abraham Lincoln?
  • What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?
  • Who Was Sojourner Truth?
  • What Is the Statue of Liberty
  • Who Was Sitting Bull?
  • What Was the Wild West?
  • Where Is the Grand Canyon?
  • Where Is Mount Rushmore?
  • Who Was Amelia Earhart?
  • What Was the Great Depression?
  • Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?
  • What Was Pearl Harbor?
  • What Was the March on Washington?
  • Who Was Cesar Chavez?
  • Who Was Neil Armstrong?
  • What Is the Women’s Rights Movement?
  • What Were the Twin Towers?

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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for What is America: 25-Book Box Set

  1. A. Murray

    These books were a gift. My grand sons 6 and 7 1/2 had meaningful thoughts and stimulated conversation with in our family & friends. I enjoyed getting to ask stimulating questions too!

  2. L. Meza

    I received the complete set of books as described. The box arrived in the mail and was damaged on one side. I didn’t mind because I bought them on sale, so I taped the sides together. These books are non-fiction and all have Accelerated reading levels. If your child’s school has this program, your child can also take comprehension quizzes on these books. The A.R. Levels range from 4.5-6.2. The books have illustrations and photographs that captivate young readers.

  3. A. Dyer

    My kids LOVE these books! They argue over which one gets to read which book first! Highly recommend! Not to mention great price. Perfect gift for a teacher.

  4. M. Delgado

    We homeschool and use these all the time along with the other sets.

  5. C. Benton

    My son loves this book series. Great price!

  6. T. Frost

    A must read for all. Especially our children.

  7. A. Morris

    Some books are more interesting than others. Overall good knowledge for kids. They don’t seem to be teaching a lot of this stuff in school now days

  8. A. Baker

    Quite informative, I would recommend to friends for their children and also for those who have no factual knowledge of the history America

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What is America: 25-Book Box Set