Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces

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  • Made From Pure Coconut Oil
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO

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8 reviews for Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces

  1. C. Huynh

    I thought I was coming down with a cold, but it turned out to be this MCT oil irritating my throat. With some research, specifically its MCT C6 content is what did it, but the indications on the label do not warn against this. If you are fasting, I recommend you take this with some kind of food/beverage to dilute the oil to avoid potential irritation that can actually linger a bit. However, the C8 and C10 contents make this a quality oil. It also has lessor quality inexpensive C12 which is undesirable. I do appreciate that it is organic. Hope this helps others avoid the C6 side effect. My local warehouse has an MCT oil with both beneficial C8/10, but without the undesirable C6/12. I will be switching to it next purchase.

  2. C. Mercer

    My husband started me on this just before he had stem cell therapy. He learned to eat clean food. This was part of what he started just before his injections. He kept insisting I try it and I thought okay but this is silly… I started and after a month I didn’t feel any difference so I stopped. That’s when I realized it does help me! I’m back on a tablespoon a day and my mental clarity is so much better. I don’t have the brain fog as I have when I’m not taking it. It also helps with my digestive system as well.

  3. B. Sloan

    Definitely made a positive difference! I have been trying various remedies to alleviate the chronic irritable bowel I have been inflicted with ever since I was taken down by two strains of salmonella and Kaiser didn’t give me enough antibiotics to get rid of it… By the time my wife got fed up and went to Mexico and bought Keflex and brought it back, I had chronic and apparently permanent irritable bowel syndrome… I had heard positive things about a lot of products, MCT oil among them. This is the first thing I have tried that made a noticeable improvement!

  4. S. Burgess

    My husband and I have been using 1 Tablespoon in our morning coffee for almost a month and we both feel it has benefited us in giving us more energy throughout the day and in keeping us from getting really hungry before lunch time. It also seems to be effective in helping to relieve chronic constipation. I researched MCT oil quite a bit and this brand seemed to compare very favorably to the others at a great price. I only wish it came in a glass bottle and that the oil didn’t leak a little upon pouring.

  5. J. Benitez

    I have been taking MCT oil since May (another brand) and it worked great. I liked the price of this one, so I tried it. The next day after taking it I had gastro issues but tried it the next day and same. This product has small amounts of C6 MCTs and those are the most hard on your gut, so apparently that is what was bothering me. I stopped and I was fine. Then I bought another brand that was pure C8 and it is great. This may work for many but I could not take it. I sadly had to return it, Sometimes you have to spend more for better results.

  6. C. Gay

    Years ago my dermatologist recommended mixing equal parts of Cetaphil lotion and olive oil into my hand to rub on my extremely dry skin. So I’ve adjusted that over the years and now use Alba Unscented lotion with MCT oil and I’m loving it! This was the best price I’d seen anywhere for the oil.

  7. P. Crosby

    The 32 oz Windmill Organic, non GMO MCT oil is a bargain compared to the non warehouse shops. I use this every day in my bulletproof coffee, so having a larger quantity on hand during the pandemic is great. Less trips to the store is better. has a good, growing selection of products preferred by people living different dietary lifestyles, and their products like this for the ketogenic folks are very appreciated. Most of the foods, supplements and such are quite pricy because of the growing popularity of the keto diet, and having a less expensive option without sacrificing quality is the best thing about . This is a very healthy, clean product in a large size at a reasonable price.

  8. J. Moody

    Noticed the company chart shows that typical profile of this product has 38% C8, and 58% C10 (MCT’s)… However, the label of the product shows that the typical profile of one serving is 8,120 mg of C8, and 5,320 mg of C10 (seems to be just the opposite)… Which is it? who knows? Well, seems a call to the company to verify information (you’d think they would have noticed) is going to be in order to find out what the customer is really getting when purchasing this product…

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Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces